Cryptstalker Helm Alpha Sorting Graphical Issue

This was a problem in Vanilla and appears to still be present in game. The glowing 4 red eyes do not display properly, because they use alpha for transparency and the blackish “shadowed” polygons behind them also uses alpha for transparency. This two alphas are not being sorted properly and you are unable to see the eye glow whenever the black shadow geometry is directly behind them, which is most of the time. Can we please have an artist from the team get this alpha issue “sorted”, Pun intended. Thanks!


I’m bumping this topic as the items are now in game and are indeed exhibiting this display bug. Can someone please look into this? A lot of us have come back after 15 years to finally complete our T3. It would be a huge bummer if it didn’t get addressed after all of these years.

Interesting insight, thanks for the input. I’m loving the set so far so I’m hoping for a fix soon.

Used to be a game character artist, and this is my best educated guess. Could totally be missing the mark though and it could be related to something else. Hoping for a fix either way! Grats on your set!

They definitely need to fix this soon! I need that extra bit of badass from those 4 glowing eyes. They can only be seen from a ground pov but once you move your camera further than the waist level the glowing red eyes disappear.
Edit: Also just noticed you can’t see the 4 glowing red eyes on the character screen either which is rather disappointing when you want to stare at your 9/9 t3!