Hunter T3 Helm Eyes

Hunter T3 visual for the four eyes are glowing red dots. It is very hard to see them unless you are at the right angle. It is actually easier to see only two eyes than any more. Curious if they can be fixed so the four eyes are more easily displayed.

Edit: The eyes that disappear are the lower pair of eyes.


Yep, i just posted about this on reddit. There are big issues with the eyes on the helm. Here is a comparison between retail and classic:

The top eyes are being cut off by the glow of night elf eyes, and the lower eyes are completely missing. If you look from the side, the lower eye becomes visible, but only on the far side, and the far upper eye is no longer cut off, but the near side still is.


Has it been fixed?


I reported this problem 7 months ago, when the atlas loot link in wardrobe was showing the problem.

It’s been this way since vanilla. I would love to see it addressed, but I’m not sure it will. :frowning:

It appears to be an alpha sorting issue, which has to do with a transparent item being displayed in front of another transparent item. In this case, the eye glow effects being in front of the transparent black shadow that darkens your character’s face under the helmet.

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Is this still not fixed? Can you check right now?

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This is still not fixed. This is what it currently looks like in game.

(Forums wont let me post links)

As you can see, anytime the black shadowed character face is directly behind the glow, then they will not display properly. As soon as you find an angle for the camera, where the black shadowed character face isn’t behind them, then they display properly.

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use this


Next to the number one on your keyboard, put that at the end and beginning of your link Orc friend

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Yeah thats a bug, this is a picture of hunters in 2006. Date is even May 18, 2006.
What the heck Blizz XD

Here is my guildie on the login screen. Doesn’t appear to be an issue with how the item is drawn/displayed there. It’s apparently only during “in game”.

If I had to guess, I would say there are rendering differences between the login screen and in game.

Thanks champ

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Posting some screenshots and a short video to help the cause.

https:// imgur . com/a/XlCerbV

Top one is bugged.
Bottom one shows the intended look (it happens when you move the camera down at a certain angle, all other angles shows the bugged look).
The video is just to show the behavior when being idle on my mount.

Also it look bugged to me on the character screen but it’s probably Night Elf related.

You can even see it’s bugged if you look at my profile picture.


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Please fix Blizzard, if you can fix paladin/warrior tier 2.5 colorization than this should be just as easy.

Exact same bug is present for the Shaman T3 helm. The burning eye effect will only display properly when viewed from certain angles. As others have mentioned, it always displays properly in the character selection screen.

The bug is likely due to the Classic client still using a majority of retail shaders/rendering/lighting systems. It’s extremely unfortunate but at this point I’m not sure if they’ll bother changing them.

I’m guessing they would need to edit and re-export the original art asset with appropriate changes in order for it to work properly. Not sure at this point, but I thought I remembered this being a problem way back in vanilla as well.

Just want to note that the T3 helms work properly for WoW Shadowlands and this is a Classic only visual bug.

Check it out in the dressing room, or use the item Mirror of Envious Dreams and it works just fine.

Has it been fixed in Classic yet?

Nope. Would be nice to at least see a response. It’s obviously not a priority.