Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns

CC chains for 30seconds causing me to be unable to play my character that I pay monthly for is insane when you can kill another player within 5-10sec. Buff Sephuz’s Proclamation. Give people an actual chance. In games like League Of Legends or other PvP games theres a tenacity/CC reduction option for not only talents, but items. If you account for ping and lag, these CCs can become even more deadly.

Either nerf one shotting or nerf CC chains by giving players access to actual tenacity/CCreduction options other than re-rolling orc and going Kyrian for Bron.

The same DR and CC lengths have been around since, like classic. Yes not original classic, but later on towards naxx and tbc times. Fights use to last long, or at least longer than they are now, but the lengths of CC chains hasn’t really changed.


i once lagged when they messed up their cc and it got me put right back into a cc again

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Its probably getting time to cut max CC length down to 5 or 6 seconds. 8 seconds in this meta where you can be bursted down in literally 2 seconds with maxed gear vs maxed gear, is long overdue


This is a meta problem, not a CC problem. Don’t ruin the game to accommodate a trash meta.

Regarding the OP

The fact there are so many categories and total cc abilities is a pretty good indication of a much bigger problem.

The arms race between range vs melee is always a challenge because one side always feels the other side has the advantage. Blizzard really needs to reevaluate the cc system and trim it down.

It’s a crappy design when the winner is determined by how long you keep the opponent from doing anything.


Hey Talbyy, I know it’s been a while but Between the Eyes is no longer a Rogue Stun.

dude you can literally prevent or create gaps in every cc chain in the game…

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They need healing toned down in 2’s regardless. A DPs shouldn’t have to play perfectly to solo kill a healer that is making mistakes.

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Honetly I think about this all the time and it would make the world of PvP I think just such a better place.

  • Stuns/silences/interrupts/disarms can be no longer than 4 seconds.
  • Incapacitates/roots/disorientates can be no longer than 6 seconds.
  • All stuns under 4 seconds are reduced by 15%.

It would PvP so much more than “kill everybody within the 4-6 second window of us CCing someone”.

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suprised this still happens. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a fast paced meta, cc-s should be shorter, also some cc-s should share DRs.
Or at least give us better mechanic to fight off this massive number cc-s.
Also spammable cc like polymorph needs to be reworked.



10 char


Lol, not sure who comes up the categorization, but the should be fired.

A mage sheep is an incapacitate, but a druid cyclone is a disorient. Gfr.

All cc needs to be considered the same and all of it should be accountable towards diminishing returns.

Cc comps shouldn’t be a thing in pvp. Certain comps will nearly always out perform others because of the stupid cc breakdown you have enabled.

Cc should be timed and executed skillfully to gain a win, not simply chain ccing another comp over and over because your dumb categories say its OK to overlap for certain comps and not others.


All I see is way too much cc.


So pvp should just be whoever can do the most damage and survive the most damage only ok

Class synergies go out the window so all that matters is how much dps/hps you do sounds good bro


legend of dilly the only good hunter

If sheep gets any long… Bbbbaaaaaaaaahhh

trinket should be on a 1 minute cd


The trinket definitely needs a change, they’ve added an enormous amount of CC to the game but this thing is still the same as it’s been for years. I personally am in favor of them adding an immunity to all the effects it removes for 3 seconds after using the trinket. I have to wait the eternity that is 2 minutes to use the thing again, if I’m playing against anyone decent they’re building their strategy around CCing me, waiting for the trinket and instantly CCing me again.

I play 2s with an arms warrior and we’ve lost something like 80-90% of rogue/mage matches over 1800 rating and it’s entirely due to them executing a strong CC chain and frankly, easily countering the trinket with a cast@focus macro.

Poly has no CD
Counterspell is a 24 sec CD
Dragons Breath is a 20 sec CD

Kick is a 15 sec CD
Kidneyshot is a 20sec CD
Blind is once per minute
Cheapshot has no CD requires stealth

The least you could do is give us 3 seconds after using their 2 min trinket to get 2 GCDs off.


I just want something I can do to better counter it than hugging pillars harder. I’m already all over those pillars more than my wife most nights, and that’s not much of an inspiring playstyle.

Sure, my teammate/teammates can pressure the CC class so they can’t get LOS as easily or use GCDs for cc. But humor me, once I’m in CC, how exactly do I play better to avoid the 2nd 3rd and possibly 4th CC from extending that duration to 11-15 seconds? The trinket right? sure, that’s every 2 min, what about the next time 2 seconds later?

I just wish it wasn’t so easy to chain different CC spells. For example I feel like a polymorphed target should be immune to a hex, because a polymorph effect is already active. I’m not saying you can’t chain CC, but at least make it take some actual coordination and timing.

Let mages refresh their poly 3x, fine. But don’t let a DH imprision be refreshed just before it ends by a polymorph, which is replaced by a hex before it expires. It’s just a frustrating game design that heavily favors compositions with multiple incapacitates.

I play classes with incapacitates … I just find it obnoxious and uncreative.