Crowd Control & Diminishing Returns

Howl of Terror is missing

Cleave comps unite

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What DR school is Turn Evil on?
Does Unstable Affliction dispel silence share DR with other silences?
What school of DR is the Vampiric Touch dispel “fear” on and does it share DR?

Also think that the Steed of Glory PvP Talent for Prot Paladin should be on the Knockback list.

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Just put silence on dr with stuns since it basically is a stun for healers.

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By cleave you mean MM Boomy?

I wouldn’t be surprised if a SP, MM Boomy won the AWC

If you think cheap shot and blind should be on the same Dr you have no idea how the class works at all

That’s a video that is so outdated I couldn’t watch past the 30 second “cc chain”
Scatter DRs trap
Fear DRs mind control
Maybe read the post next time

UA and VT never dr.

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Deleted it so people don’t get any wrong info on DRs. Was showing a long CC chain vid so people could see how annoying it can be for us healers but couldn’t find any current ones. Just watch any healer arena streams and you’ll probably see what we’re talking about.

I play heals it’s hard to get cced as a healer in this expansion theres so much disruption the enemy has to juke or eat kicks on 10 abilities before they can even land something

I watch 3k+ experienced healers get chain CC’d all the time, don’t know what you’re talking about.


War stomp needs fat nerf.

Here is another link to DRs that you may find to be an easier reference:

There’s DR on CCs? LOL where does this come from? There’s literally no DR on CCs - just rotate - and it’s GG. Try healing if you think this is BS.

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That’s sad but actually true, you can easilly CC someone until the next DR.

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One fix would make hunters viable in PvP again. Take scatter shot and ice trap off the same DR.


I noticed there’s a decent amount of crowd control missing from this list. There’s probably more that I’m forgetting, but I think the following should be added:

Demon Hunter

  • Sigil of Misery


  • Scare Beast


  • Turn Evil


  • Howl of Terror


  • Sundering

Death Knight

  • Shambling Rush (Dark Transformation)


  • Nature’s Grasp (PvP Talent)
  • Wild Charge (Bear Form)


  • Harpoon


  • Frostbite (PvP Talent)
  • Glacial Spike
  • Ice Nova


  • Frost Shock (Surge of Power)


  • Thunderstruck (PvP Talent)

Death Knight

  • Strangulate (PvP Talent)

Demon Hunter

  • Sigil of Silence


  • Spider Sting (PvP Talent)

Death Knight

  • Absolute Zero (Frostwyrm’s Fury)
  • Reanimation (PvP Talent)


  • Wake of Ashes (Undead)

Night Fae:

  • Wild Hunt’s Charge (Soulshape)

Also, I feel like Disarms should be on this list, as they’re also subject to diminishing returns. If they were to be added, these are the ones I know of:


  • Faerie Swarm


  • Grapple Weapon


  • Dismantle


  • Disarm

Lastly, regarding the current list in the OP, there’s a few updates that need to be applied:

  1. Death Knight’s Remorseless Winter root is called Deathchill, just like the Chains of Ice one.
  2. Death Knight’s Remorseless Winter stun should have the name next to it, which is Dead of Winter.
  3. Rogue’s Between the Eyes is no longer a stun.
  4. Warlock’s Meteor Strike is removed from the game.
  5. Warlock’s Entrenched in Flame root is removed from the game.

And of course, If I made a mistake anywhere, feel free to correct me.


I updated it with your suggestions. The original copy of the DR list got obliterated when my profiles switched and I just haven’t had much free time with everything going on, thank you! (and everyone else as well)


i think the same its so annoying to get cc and just watch your teammate die or just be unable to play the game