Crossing Fate 10 killed, 9 counted

Over the past 2 days I did my LFR kills of all ten bosses in Castle Nathria and I’ve come to realize that one of my boss kills didn’t count towards the quest “Crossing Fate” I’m pretty sure I started it after the supposed fix yet I’ve no idea what boss didn’t count as I’ve done all 10 and the quest still only has me down for 9/10. Is there anyway to fix this so that I don’t have to wait an extra week to get the coin?

Also, it’d be really great if we could possibly get a better support/bug feature that doesn’t frustrate players who just want to send in a report without playing the “redirection game” the current support system does. Getting redirected 10 times when all a person wants to do is open a ticket to ask for help just exacerbates the problem.


Same here, killed 10, 8 counted. Doomhammer server, LFR.

Same here as well. Full clear but only 9/10 for credit. One thing maybe to note is on one of the boss kills my toon was dead. Maybe this interferes with the credit even though I got loot.

Same here, killed 10, 8 counted. LFR. I went to Oribos restart the game and still the same.

Same. Killed 3 heroic on Tuesday, full clear of normal today (Thursday), have 9 of 10 for the quest. The autoresponse says “Please try again”, no obvious way to open a ticket.

Same here, I have 9/10 with a full Castle Denathria clear

Same here, killed 10, 9 counted.

Killed 6 in normal, killed the other 4 in lfr and shows defeated in game. Killed 10, got credit for 9… Methosmv Stormrage server

I killed all 10 in LFR on one of my other characters, but only got credit for 9.

…even though my weekly vault and raid lockouts specifically say I killed all 10 Castlevania bosses.

Same for me killed 10 got 9 on my hunter, but got 10/10 for dk. Also I put a ticket in and all I get is automated response to abandon and redo the quest.

Same for me…killed 10 got credit for 9, looks the hotfix is not a silver bullet.

Same for me…killed 10 got credit for 9, looks the hotfix is not a silver bullet.

I didn’t think I was affected since I started well after the fix was implemented, but I’ve currently killed 7/10 in LFR this week (and it displays correctly in the vault), but Crossing Fate only shows 6/30.

However, my hunter who’s cleared normal and part of heroic shows 10/10 in the vault and 10/30 for Crossing Fate.

Add me to the list.

I’ve run 4 toons, one of them got credit for 10/10. The rest are at 9/10.

If you search on the issue in Support, it says they fixed the bug. They are incorrect.


Just curious if any that are posting here killed Sire 1st? That is what I did and I think that is the boss I did not get credit for. Going to try and kill him again on LFR and see what happens.

I too have killed all 10 bosses and only received credit for 9. The dungeon journal shows that I have killed them all AND I just went and killed Sire again just to see what that would do. Still sitting at 9/10…

Same 8/10 counted this week through LFR

killed again. It’s 10/10 now.

Anything new yet? I’ve yet to see a tweet or post and it’d be nice to be solved before the reset.

I just hit 3 of their twitter accounts…not sure what good it will do.