Crossfaction Guilds - Will We See a Horde Exodus to MG?

But both servers provide different things in those potlucks that others simply don’t tend to. The amount of certain types of RP is not 1:1 for both. There are different niches, styles, etc that do have different disparity of presences on the server. The fact that nothing has a majority of players doing it doesn’t necessarily disprove this.


Most people I know have characters on both servers. Remember when there was a server cap for characters? I probably roll with other altoholics due to the whole birds of a feather thing but I’ve had characters on MG, WrA and Ravenholdt FOR FOREVER.

Now? I just have more characters :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m seriously considering moving the characters I moved to WRA Horde back to MG Horde. WRA might have an Orgrimmar with around 20 people hanging out in the Valley of Honor, but I’m still likely to find more RP on a MG Horde character by simply joining an xfaction guild.


I used to play on Kirin Tor. I remember being so happy when Sentinels and Steamwheedle “joined” us, because it tripled my effective character cap…

so…just rping with alliance?

Also known as the only RP community left.

Bet your Duskwood doesnt have its own thriving community gathering every night

check. mate.

pinky out

It’s even xfaction friendly, oho

Nah, there’s pretty much always people down in Duskwood.

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Don’t see how this will work rp wise. But kudos to those that make it work!

You can just rp whatever you want on any server like mg alliance has. There’s no need to separate entire servers for people to rp what they want. This is cope.

I don’t think you know what cope is.

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I often contemplate the mentality behind “different servers serve different types of RP.”

In reality, and this is objective, anyone can RP whatever they want on any server and nothing has ever stopped them. This perpetuated divide is based on some invisible culture people, like you, on the forums insist is there. Such a big difference these people MUST simply be divided by entire servers so both sides can be happy.

This is, of course, ridiculous.

So what is the true origin behind this strange concept? I think it’s a strange desire to justify the low pop of H-MG. I think it’s a defense for it, as if it needs a defense to begin with. Insisting the people from the other server simply need different RP, or that MG-H’s RP is simply different than WRA (A lot of justification is based around a falsely perceived higher quality) is, indeed, copium. This is why your point is cope. You are coping with an empty server, which does not need ANY justification or defense to begin with, by stating there’s any difference in quality or average RPer. This is false, the community is the same across both servers and both factions.

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Speaking truth, bud. The same players have been bouncing between the same two servers since time immemorial. Having played on both, I experience exactly zero difference between them when on the ground level. Both servers do server-wide events, both servers have their own community discord, and both servers create campaigns for each other. Some people just have this weird obsession with needing to own something, however insignificant it is. It’s kinda cringe, ngl.


I believe you’re mistaking the idea that people gravitate towards different things and different servers have grown for different reasons because of that, with saying only that that kind of RP is allowed. You are correct, that is objectively true that people can do that. Nobody in this forum has said otherwise. However, YOU actually were the one saying that single race guilds are a relic of the past. That is not true on Moon Guard. Frankly I dont even think that’s true on WrA, but if it is, then it immediately shows a difference you don’t realize.

I have also played on both for years at a time. Beyond say, roleplaying in Stormwind, they are different. Nor is that even a bad thing nor exclusionary thing because either are open to anyone. If you seriously don’t think people gravitate towards places and communities can form from those minor differences, or believe that this is exclusionary, I think it is honestly you coping for the fact that despite cross faction RP already being possible, people have still mostly stuck to individual servers. It’s not like you’re jumping or trying to start a wave either- you’re posting from a WrA profile after all.


I don’t really see much changing, to be honest.

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Definitely have seen an uptick of more life in trade chat as of late, on top of seeing more Horde toons.

Regardless, end of the day, cross-faction guilds will have short and long term impacts that no one will be able to accurately predict in any fashion. I’d compare it to the TBC population impact that Blood Elves brought to the table for the Horde with their introduction.

WoW’s servers as a whole will very likely change, so we’ll have to see and wait to see how things play out in the short and long term.


Speaking as someone who came over from WrA a few months before Dragonflight launched, the only differences I have seen are: 1) There are more players on Alliance which leads to more RP options, and 2) community projects and server ‘fanon’ exist here.

The biggest thing WrA did differently was simply avoiding community projects like Grand Alliance/Warcraft Conquest, but in my opinion those things have added to my enjoyment in some ways so… Shrug


maybe a little bit but some of us horde ppl need to stop the close nit crap all the time so we have more ppl to rp with.

we also need to stop the whole ‘moonguard alliance just erp’ culture or w/e and its not. ppl do normally rp too. its everywhere, horde on the other hand, is actually alienating ppl to rp bc of these guild only / in the shadows rp that u cant even walk up and do anything bc you have to use discord n crap to find where the party is at so in my honest opinion horde as a whole is worse than alliance mg bc at least you can RP with SOMEONE at any point.

this is the major reason why i am stuck in mg alliance when i rather be horde bc the alliance side is more friendly and open. we can still have the close-knit to open walk ups in 1 server. just ignore the walk ups and tell what u want in trp. the divide is annoying and i want to stay in 1 server for my characters. make mg horde great please.


I’m pining for the return of MG-H walkup like it was back in BFA :weary:


I’ll probably play my Horde characters a bit more when this comes out