Crossfaction Guilds - Will We See a Horde Exodus to MG?

I for one hope so. Having bigger communities on both sides of the same server seems like peak health for the community. Thoughts?

more likely to see an alliance exodus to wra tbh


I doubt an “exodus” either way will happen. More likely, people will expand characters on the opposite faction as they can continue to be in easy contact with their friends and guildies.


I dont see an exodus happening either. Each server has specific community types associated with their rp style.


I don’t know if there will be an exodus, but I really want to start keeping my horde here. The only reason I don’t now is because the horde guilds here that fit my play times tend to either be racial (which I actively avoid now) or otherwise revolve around very specific themes I have no interest in. I’m hoping that cross faction guilds will make it easier to find somewhere my characters fit in.


Yeah war-like single race guilds are a relic of the past imo. My hopes is people will move on MG with enough population so those types of guilds aren’t the only options.

There’s no reason to be on two separate servers. The “the servers RP differently” take is 100% cope. Somebody rping differently than you doesn’t require an entirely different server. This maximus copius regarding MG horde is just “for different people” is pure bs. We’re all part of one RP community and what server you’re on makes no difference. Unless you cling onto some cringe levels of rp power that you’re worried strangers won’t respect. If that’s the case, it’s time to look inwards.

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Based on a few conversations I have had, something some people might not understand as an example is that a member of the Horde in an Alliance cross-faction guild, can’t freely walk around in Stormwind. So just because someone in the Horde is in an Alliance rp guild, does not mean they get free range access to Alliance territory. It would be fairly immersion-breaking if so. Blizzard has stated that racial faction identity will remain.

This could change, and the statement is made to the best of my understanding of the blue post on the topic.


Just imagine the uproar if certain players couldn’t, say, kill off certain vendors during DMF to annoy the opposite faction. Nah, free roaming ain’t happening.

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How would crossfaction work Rp wise ? Curious.

Cross-Faction rp is widespread and fairly commonplace. As a whole cross-faction has been ongoing for years. It was made much easier with the inclusion into the game the Elixir Of Tongues, which allows for cross-faction dialog. It has been in game for years now.

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I can’t see much changing tbh. Guilds that have mixed horde and alliance already will just continue on as they have but with one guild rather than one in each faction. At least that is our plan.


I doubt it. It’s a bit cringey to say but both factions and servers have distinct cultures that don’t always overlap cleanly. I think they attract different styles of RP broadly and that will probably still be true.


I plan on having a horde character on Moon Guard. There will be no mass exodus. If anything, it’ll encourage people to play Alliance WrA side and Horde MG side a little bit more as they don’t have to bail on their friends.


Honestly? No. Many of us really dislike MG’s culture.


Can we be honest for one hot second?

I’m all about people finding “their people” wherever the people that they vibe with and have the same preferences and style with as, and certainly each server is made up of hundreds to thousands of individual people who sometimes cluster into guilds, server projects and social groups.

But at the end of the day, MG and WrA are both made up of clusters of individual people who all do and prefer different things regardless of their character’s current data cluster. There’s not really a ‘Everyone on this server is like hemmm’ and ‘Everyone on this server is like hurrr’. In the thousands of roleplayers on MG Alliance you’ll find the entire spectrum of characters, preferences, players and groups represented, from cat clan and high school one-offs to grand multiguild alliances and events and everything in between. Similar people and groups have set up on WrA Alliance, MG Horde and WrA Horde. People and groups also have a tendency to move back and forth between the servers, or maintain a presence on both, blurring the lines between the factions and servers further.

There isn’t really a “MG Culture” because MG is made up of as many different “cultures” as there are people. You could spend 24/7 hanging out in Stormwind and there might be people you’ve never encountered before who do the same, much less have any idea what’s going on in larger meta-groups. From what I’ve seen WrA Horde is pretty much the same - people just kind of do their own thing as individuals. Sometimes in small groups delineated by style and preference, sometimes in large groups, none of which necessarily have anything to do with each other.


Yeah I’m sorry but “the servers have different culture” is 100% cope. Everyone wants to rp different stuff. Whatever somebody does on wra they can also do on mg. There’s no server rules, and contrary to what they think, random people can’t control how anyone else rps. This mentality of different servers for different things is purposefully and worthlessly divisive.

Opting to have a smaller server you can better control is a bigger red flag than anything else.


I feel like this is a tad needlessly vitriolic, regardless of whether there are different server cultures or not. And I’m apologizing ahead of time if this comes off in a malicious or scolding way, I just think both hordeside communities deserve to flourish on their own and especially because there are groups trying to revitalize hordeside rp in their own ways. (The market nights I’ve seen advertised for mg-h and multiple horde community groups, for example. Mulgore Mondays and Silvermoon Sundays on wra-h as another.)

One rp server dwindling for another to thrive feels like the antithesis to growing the rp community, because instead of having multiple known rp servers we’ll just have one. I’m not much a veteran to either server, wow rp was new to me back in legion/bfa. However, I have seen wra dwindle on both sides from what I was used to in bfa, and I have heard of (since legion) and seen the lack of walk up community on mg-h the times I was leveling and working on personal rp projects there.

So I think there’s a better way to go about things to ensure that rp servers don’t eventually disappear like certain server classifications did. Just my 2 c though.


While this is true true some extent like it is anywhere, there’s also patterns on Moon Guard different than what you see on WrA. Current MG doesn’t even have the same culture as it used to with the prevalence of cross guild projects and such, that Wryrmrest seems to generally not have. Majority of people RPing on MG probably don’t even get involved in that stuff of course, but it is a very large part of it that gets seen a lot by people even outside of the server.

Granted thats not necessarily even a giant turn off, plenty of WrA groups, pre-dominantly Alliance side, have come to Moon Guard in the last few years.

I can’t imagine MG’s community being nearly as nasty these days as it was in BC-WotLK-Cataclysm.

That’s what I’m saying. MG Alliance has big groups, small groups, individual people, etc. but people can and likely do go their entire time in MG Alliance not even being aware of large groups and projects, and those large groups don’t dictate any kind of “culture” to the teeming mass of individual people who make up the remainder of the server even if they’ve got like, a hundred people in them. A hundred is still a drop in the bucket.

In the giant glom of players, you can find basically everything. Some people might prefer to have a smaller, more tightly controlled RP experience and have a harder time curating their own experience out of the nearly infinite variety of experiences available and so a smaller server might work better for them, and that’s fine. But there’s not really a way to say that “on MG-A people do things like this” because for every one person who does, there’s a few dozen people who don’t.

MG-A is a potluck. People bring all kinds of different things to it. Don’t like one dish? Move down the table and try another, I promise you that something more to your tastes is represented somewhere and no one is making you eat the weird pickled carrots. The same kinds of dishes are also being brought to the MG-Horde, WrA-Alliance and WrA-Horde tables also, often by the same people.

I can definitely see not liking a potluck, that’s totally allowed and understandable. Some people just want to go to a restaurant, pick off a menu and not mess around with the random variable quality and tastes represented. I just object to people being like, “The MG-A potluck is all meat dishes and I’m vegan” when it’s not specifically a meat potluck, there’s not even anyone in charge of the potluck to dictate that and there’s actually a million dishes of all different varieties including vegan ones represented.