Cross-realm Mythic Amirdrassil Begins Feb. 6

How does this make sense? If the guild wants to reclear why not just… reclear instead of extending?

Because reclearing the whole raid Vs going back to do one boss that drops good trinkets is a huge difference in time required. This tier was weird in that Tindral was so hard many guilds felt it was cost effective for their time to reclear throughout December and get the skip but that’s not a normal thing looking at previous tiers. Also were you to want to go back to previous bosses, you’d want to do it at the end of the week given you’d want as much progress information first to decide if it’s worth the time.

It’s much more normal that once you hit the penultimate boss, you don’t reclear or kill any other bosses until the tier is over and the final boss is defeated.

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I understand. I have struggled to reclear the easy bosses. It always struck me odd. How were we going to kill jaina if we can’t clear the first 5 in one night?

I don’t like this. It’s one of the reasons why I have stopped raiding.

It’s more that is losing that one night even worth it? Very often it’s not, and you always run the risk of something unexpected causing problems and delaying you. It’s not like you can reclear what you want then jump back to where you were at the end of the week.

Another reason would be for the raid vault, something raiders typically get very little use out of during progress.

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I could understand either arguement.

Agreed. Realistically most people are pulling these fights over several weeks. Some, closer to several months. Missing one or two nights won’t change much in terms of prog. In the same way getting one more trinket won’t either.

Moral is a different story.

I’d be all for improvements to the vault or raid loot tables. Whether it was smaller raids like onyxia or gruul that allowed raiders to fill vault slots or bringing back bonus rolls that could also be used to unlock a vault slot. I have seen some pretty cool ideas.

More often that not they get shot down because people don’t want to do more than raid log.

Kaivax - why no update since last year on the drop rate for the love rocket? The whole event and quests got redesigned but not even a response on this first chance thing?

This is only part of the problem, and long overdue, but good riddance.

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