Crickets from blizzard on the queues

Quote them please.

Or their code is just bad and would need a rewrite.

I haven’t spent any real money that i can remember since WoD, the token buyers do it for me :D.

Ahh nothing like having 10+ garrison alts making me millions, for the entirety of the expansions life.

Many people, clearly do not have access right now, which is why they are angry.

I want to expand on this a bit. Let’s imagine you can only play from 5pm to 10pm every night (server time) and do not work a job where you can remote in or queue ahead.

Lets also imagine this player really wants to transfer, but they have mail on their toon.

With the queues in the state they are in, it is possible this person has never been able to log in to WOTLK classic to even transfer if they wanted to.

This are really messed up right now, and they are, as the thread title says, saying nothing about it.

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here you go fam

Here is where you get tricked. OF “”"“THEIR”""" current technology.

The tech is out there to handle wows server loads. They would have to spend way to much $$$$ and acquire more engineers to handle the work.

Besides, they’re collecting all those sweet sweet transfer dollars. Why would they spend the time and effort?


They have ACCESS, they just have to wait in a line. Why do you feel you should not have to wait in a line?

I remember when Blizzard used to punctual and forthright with their player communication. [/S]

Exactly. Every problem can be solved. It just costs money.

As for PR… They have an army of pro-blizzard white knights begging for “Atta boys” from the company.

Guys, the queue is as good as the game you are paying for. You heard it here first. The Access is all you pay for, not the content itself.

How should they fix it?

Ah I see, so this is just a thinly veiled RDF thread? They should ruin the entire game with RDF because some chose not to heed the warnings?

At that point, just get rid of all servers since they don’t matter.

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I’ll play with you. So you’re saying that if I buy a ticket to a fictional event that accommodates 5000 people, but the company oversells the event and sells 30,000 tickets… it’s my fault for not getting in?

Try harder. Nobody is buying this.


It is fine actually that my flight was oversold and I didn’t get to fly home today. I was only paying for access to a plane. Not a guarantee I was going to be able to use it.

This is the best temp solution. Offer free transfers off and you have 9 months to redeem a transfer back if you would like. Or just do away with paid transfers

This is typical nonsense from a blizzard simp. You don’t have access if you can’t log in. That’s like paying for netflix for movies and not being able to get past the log in screen.


I’d support this, i’d even give a year for those people. But you know people will just stay and be stubborn, even if this was implemented.

Sure, you can browse the titles, but you can’t actually “watch” them. That is fine. That is what you pay for.

Well, that’s a apples to dogs comparison if I’ve ever seen one. I know your schtick is… to be Dumbcake, but let’s try to think for more than a second here please.

The more appropriate comparison is going to Disney world and being met with a line for your favorite ride. There are other rides to go on that have shorter/no lines, but if you refuse to go on those, that’s no you. That’s not on anyone else.

You should learn what the word access means. You have access to the servers, you just have to wait in a line. Not having access would mean you couldn’t get into the servers at all.

They built fast pass literally to fix this.

Blizzard has done nothing to combat queues.

Why are people defending this company? Blizz could have locked megaservers months ago. Instead they kept letting players transfer there. Why? :moneybag:

This situation exists because of Blizzard’s greed.

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