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On a scale of yes to no, how cool is this week’s update?

You know what they should post today? A release date. Then we could all grab some popcorn and watch as the forums explode into speculation as to whether this is real or not. Their butts would be covered regardless; I mean, who believes an announcement made on April’s Fools nowadays?

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We’ve removed Right-Click to Report and Loot Trading from the game but all players in Classic will be in their own individual shard** now.

**Owners of the Collector’s Edition can invite one additional person to their shard for fun times group play.


Kaivax is that you?


Classic wow is coming out in August

perfect !!!


Mages will have the ability to turn you into a donut and eat you which causes an instant kill ability. The ability is usable on every mob in the game except chickens

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Death knights are going to be playable in classic.

… and monks, and demon hunters, and blood elves… :crazy_face:

I have been expecting, nay, hoping, to open the blizzard app like I do every day and just see Classic on that left side, waiting for me. Sadly, it never shows up.

[citation needed]


We are adding High Elves as a playable race in Classic. Since Alliance already has an elf race, they will be pledging their allegiance to the Horde.

There’s an armed gnome standing behind me, forcing me to say this:

Forest gnomes in Classic, including the druid class.


I can’t wait to try co-op mode!

RNG been removed from the game. PVP vendors, Gear will no longer warforge or titanforge. You will no longer phase to other realms. Azerite system been removed completely. No rep grind behind Allied races.

Flying mounts

Wasn’t that implemented with WOD? I could be mistaken, just heard rumors.

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Don’t you put that evil on Classic, Ricky Bobby!

New Allied races: that singing sunflower pet is actually part of a species of sentient plant people from the Lost Isles! Recruit them to the neutral Pandaren faction before the Horse or Alliance does!

I saw my typo. I’m leaving it.


Jewelcrafting is going to be a feature in Classic. Because ‘Sockets are Forever’.