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Member the news about the new wisp race for alliance? I member.


Blues don’t post April fools posts.

Stranglethorn Vale has been replaced with a Garrison zone, allowing Classic players to enjoy their favorite Warlords of Draenor feature.


We are happy to announce, due to much player feedback we have taken very seriously, that we finally have the Group Finder working in Classic!

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Classic is cancelled.


“Is this an out of season April fool’s joke?”


Good stuff, I remember. IIRC, they went through all the classes and made them OP. Shaman shocks would no longer share a cooldown!


Don’t you guys have phones ?


We’ve heard your feedback regarding player power due to 1.12 power creep and have opted to retune players. On launch, all abilities will be reduced by 20%. Spell damage, melee damage, attacks per second, spell casting speeds, proc rate, and mount and run speed. Mobs will now also resist and dodge 20% more often.
We believe this will deliver a more authentic Classic experience.



We promised at BlizzCon that the original 1.12 data is sacrosanct to us, and that we will not tamper with it.

We are now tampering with it because you begged us to, so don’t come crying to us if we end up somehow breaking it and making it not Classic at all.

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Remember the houses we had in Ghostlands until some big dino named Thox stomped through the area destroying the horde housing and the night elves thought they could come into those broken houses and rebuild a city there but Scooter the snail ran them over in their sleep whose slim is acid and deadly.

You can follow Thox’s destructive path all the way down the coast to Gilneas because that is how Gilneas got destroyed, not the undead coming in and Thox bit one of them and of course they turned into a worgen after all, Thox is like a featherless chicken with no tail and so the worgen have no tail because Thox has no tail, so silly worgen/humans thinking a druid would cause such a thing but druids would have given them tails and furthermore, maybe that is why they feel such shame, they have no tail to give them balance.

Worgen with no tail is such a tall tale.

I bet they can not wait until to get their tall tails to grow.

I hear it will take a year to grow a foot long. :hotdog:

:wolf:~Worgen Developer Crew Cruel 2~ :wolf:

PS: We will keep the light on and let you admire the Shu’halo’s tails for now. :cow2::cow2::cow2:

Pretty much anything the blue’s or green’s post is an April fools joke.


These features will be implemented into Classic:
1.12 AV
Loot trading
Right click report
Donald Trump
Dual spec
No twinks
What they experienced on private servers even though they would NEVER play those.
Welfare epics
Battle .net comms

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Prot Paladin had their mana bar removed and were given a taunt.

Isn’t the official one enough?

My name is Bornakk.


You have no idea how excited I got, just for my hopes to be quickly dashed.

Well done! :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey Bornakk.

I like big dogs :^)

mind = blown

All models in Classic WoW will use the new models and animations.