Crafted Gear overriding normal gear - bug or intended?

I picked up my gathering and crafting sets. When I added my rolling pin suddenly it replaced my weapon on my mog. The gear was not doing that until I added the rolling pin. Now whenever I skin it shows all my skinning gear and just randomly changes out the gathering crafting pieces. I get my normal gear back after a combat but half the time I am running around in a derpy skinning hat. Posting just to ask folks if anyone know if this is working as intended or is it a bug? I would love to be able to disable this its super weird.


Working as intended. It’s a buff. There is an NPC you can talk to, I think, turn this off.


When you are crafting, your crafting gear will show instead of your normal transmog. If you have the cooking hat set as part of your cooking gear, if you are cooking, you are then wearing the hat. It is only cosmetic during the time you are crafting.


I forget the name, but there was a Highmountain Tauren NPC in Waking Shore you interact with for one of the side quest chains that has some options for how your profession gear set toggles on. I think it was the one quest with the dragon with the duck plushie.
There may be other ones as well.


Its any crafting or gathering and then it stays with that on until I enter combat essentially so I will be running all over town with an awl unless I relog. Reload UI doesn’t do it.

Right click off the buff, all the different profession mogs are buffs you can remove at will, hell you could setup a macro to cancel all of them.


Okay found it thanks everyone that was super helpful.

Mahra Treebender, at the Ruby Life Pools is the NPC to go to. Left side if coming from the flightpath landing.


Thanks for the name and location :slight_smile:


I recently discovered she’s also in Valdrakken, near the enchanting table


Like any other buff, just right click on the buff icon and it will remove it. No need to go out of the way to a vendor.

Just as a follow up on this post. I did go to the vendor and turn off these visuals and it is still changing me into the crafting/gathering gear and leaving me in it so I am going to say this is probably bugged. I submitted a ticket on this.

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If it’s a bug, submitting a ticket will do no good. The GM staff who answer tickets do not work on bugs. You need to post a bug report in the bug report forum, or by using the bug report function in game.


It does it to me every time I visit the alchemy lab and craft something. Whenever I craft something for alchemy, up in the right corner where your buffs are, there is buff that says “Spark of Madness” Dressed in Alchemy Gear. Simply right clicking on that buff makes it go away.


I talked to NPC to hide the crafting gear. But it still shows up every time and doesn’t go off until I unclick it.

Then you need to do a proper full UI reset.

With the game and launcher closed, delete or rename your Interface and WTF folders, and delete the Cache folder. Restart the game from the launcher to see if the issue persists.

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I guess I’m not understanding. Do you want to never get the buff? You may need some type of addon for that.

Whether you talk to the NPC to remove it or if you right click it off, the buff to show the crafting costume will appear every time you craft something. I believe it’s working as intended.

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They wish to remain in normal gear at all times. Once they talk to the NPC and select the option of not wanting to have crafting/gathering outfits applied, they should not get the buff at all.


But that is not how the NPC’s dialogue is stated. She only offers to disable it while the profession / skill is not actively being used.

So if someone wishes for the options to include NEVER showing, then feedback concerning that will need to be placed in a location from where it is collected (which is not in any of the Support forums).


Exactly. That’s the issue OP and others are running into. The buff stays active while doing other activities outside of gathering windows and they have to right click it to remove it to view their usual outfit.

For example, the buff stays on me going into PvP battlegrounds and Dungeons.

Quotes from this thread:

If you are claiming we (multiple people) are misinterpreting the dialogue on the NPC, I ask you, what is the goal of having this NPC with these options if it doesn’t reduce or limit the visuals?

If the resultant action of choosing that dialogue option is not as described by the NPC, then that will need to be reported as a bug.