Cracked Titan Gem Evoker Legendary

Please just increase the drop chance… or improve the bad luck protection by a lot more.

The cracked titan gem RNG and bad luck protection seems awful in its entirety. Like many others have said elsewhere, RNG for something like this sucks. It doesn’t feel rewarding to get because it didn’t require a specific skill, and it creates dismay and discourages others to either see it or just no one gets it.

I have killed sark on heroic every week with 5+ evokers in the raid, with the most recent having 11 in it, and I have seen 2 gems total drop, with that most recent raid of 11 being one of them. I get making it a higher chance on mythic difficulty to a degree, but there are multiple forms of endgame content and pigeonholing it to one of these areas also sucks for others.

I particularly don’t like raid (whatever, my opinion, totally fine for those that do), but I push high end mythic + content. As you go higher in one of the other areas of endgame content, items like these feel borderline necessary. Many will say, look at the top evokers across the world, not all of them have it. I agree, but they also make up for it in other areas such as dedicated teams and substantially more time.

By the time many players get this item, it will decrease in value significantly and some more hardcore or hardcore-casual players won’t have the chance of utilizing this.


My guild has killed it on Heroic every single week, including week 1, and we haven’t seen a single gem. We’ve had 2 Evokers every week since week 1, and 4 Evokers since the “bad luck protection”. We’re about to kill Mythic Sark.

It’s really cool that I’m likely going to have the legendary for like 3 weeks before the next content patch.


14 heroic kills now without it, since the very first week.

I literally rerolled enhance last week for mythic prog and I’m done with it.

I honestly was fine with it before “bad luck protection” was instituted.

Now it just feels far more awful every time it doesn’t drop.


Honestly f- this stupid legendary. We had 5 evokers in raid last night, one of them already has the legendary and it didn’t drop for anyone.

I legitimately have more sark kills combined than any of the other 4 evokers and I don’t have it. Fix your game blizzard

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It should just be a 100% drop rate at this point. This late in the patch I can’t believe its still a % chance with ramp.

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Didn’t drop this week for me either. Got to watch it drop for two others though so that was fun. Not.

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At this point I’m not convinced they didn’t say ‘bad luck protection’ just to stop the incessant posts on this forum.


I’ve gotten, I dunno how many kills on Heroic Sark and still no Gem.

Last raid we had a brand new Evoker alt, was a fresh 70, ilvl 415-420 I guess, give or take. First Sark kill, he gets the gem.

I had to buy a new keyboard … and literally was > < close to just … not playing anymore.

I don’t understand … Maybe my char is broken and the game doesn’t know I’m an evoker or something.

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Another heroic run, 6 evokers, 0 drops.

Typical Blizzard, introduces a new class, and then put important lore stuff behind super rare drop rng. It’s almost as if they don’t want us to play.

building the legendary is more of a gameplay mechanic than lore, and its definitely not even important lore at that.

Zzz :dracthyr_cry:

I’m more concerned how this weapon will scale into the next raid cycle. If it doesn’t scale, then it might not be a big deal to have a lower drop rate (unless you’re really focused on min/max).

This is a bit unclear, lol…

If it doesn’t “scale” then no one who focuses on min/max would really care, considering it would be replaced pretty quickly.

We already know the item level value of the Lego is currently something like 487(iirc), so this question of scaling has already been answered.

That makes it valuable until the tier after next, and it’ll be bis for the rest of the expansion of the 500ilvl datamine upgrade sees live.

Keep at it guys. Your time will come our guild got lucky and both Evokers got the gem at the same time:


Legendries have either traditionally been relevant in later patches or not. I was speaking in terms if this would potentially just be a single patch bis item (if that makes sense)

As an example, the cata legendary staff was started in Firelands, but was still bis at end raid, while other legendries (from what I recall the Sylvanas bow), was good until specific ilvl increases in the new raid tier (depending on which version of the bow you had- mythic/heroic/normal).

If the calculated ilvl equivalent is 487, then this would probably be bis/near bis the remainder of the xpac, which is kind of crappy with the drop rate (learn something new everyday). If there is any type of quest chain to increase the weapons power (like the cata daggers), it may be even more necessary.

I’m hopeful, there’s going to be a quest to upgrade the legendary. It wouldn’t hurt my feelings if it were similar, or even more difficult to upgrade to legendary.

My guild got 3 gems in the first two months of the tier being open, didn’t field any new evokers til they announced the bad luck protection stuff, been running 4 to 6 new evokers per heroic sark kill since and havent seen a single one.

I will still always stand by the claim that pure luck drops are not legendary. If the process to obtain it does not come with a momentous quest with a serious skill check (tarecgosa, fangs of the father) or does not include serious group commitment to a chosen hero for the tier (shadowmourne) it’s just an uncommon drop.


I hate this Legendary system, is awful


I’ve been killing it on heroic since week 3 and i’ve seen 5 (i think?) gems drop in that time, none of which were mine. Currently farming it on 2 characters that can do heroic and a 3rd long-shot LFR-only character. both heroic toons have 7 stacks of BLP going into next week.


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why am i watching fresh turdvokers loot the cracked titan gem in heroic carries and lfr