Cracked Titan Gem Evoker Legendary

up to 8 fail stacks on my main now. my alt will get his Saturday when our guild clears H Sark before going into mythic.

I also return to report yet another wasted week. Words I cannot use are going through my head right now.

Still waiting, feels rather unfair…

I’m at what would it be, 16 heroic kills since raid dropped now?

My luck is traditionally such a joke in this game that I just never expected it.

I’m only at around 13 kills, still no gem for me either. :frowning:

I didn’t really care to begin with I’m not really a gear chaser but I thought I’d have it by now. Lol

Finally got mine to drop yesterday. Spent like 5 hours afterwards gathering mats to craft it, and a couple more this morning to finish it.

I’ve been farming heroic Sark every week since the BLP started. The irony is that, my guild isn’t raiding anymore this tier, so I won’t actually get any use out of it until the next raid. At least it promises to be BIS until Mythic prog.

Hope this at least becomes a guaranteed drop when the next tier starts. It’d really suck for evokers to have to farm Sark endlessly until the end of the expansion, just for a CHANCE at this thing.

While the weapon is cool, and I’m glad I finally have it, I gotta say, dang this thing is hard to make a transmog set around. I’ve kinda given up for the moment, but there just aren’t alot of armor pieces that have the same gold color as it.


Kill number 15 this week of heroic sark and still no evoker legendary.
Out of the 4 mains that raid mythic evokers in my guild I’m the only one that hasn’t gotten it. And one of the evokers that got it was on a random alt when it dropped. And that was 3 weeks into bad luck.

I’m going on 8 weeks of bad luck now. It’s like I’m never going to get it and complete it at this rate. And it super confused me when I had the dawn of the infinite quest which is also a gem quest with nozdormu. So it was harder to tell if I got the legendary quest item because of that quest in particular.

Got AOTC and titan gem on the same kill. Lucky me

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Grats! Got mine on my third kill

Seen one drop for someone yesterday when on my evoker. Lucky guy.

I don’t know how much more I can take. My Guild quit raiding my mythic team is done with keys and I’ve been pugging the Sark kill for months. On top of that every evoker rather its a main or an alt in my guild has got it except me. Each week I lose more and more hope and at this point if I ever do get it to drop no one will be playing to craft it. This unending disappointment week after week may finally put the legendary nail in the coffin for me.

There’s really no need to get this defeated over it. Ive killed Sark what, 18 weeks now or something it’s been since patch release?

It’ll either be upgradable and they will make it much easier to get, or it won’t be and it will not be nearly as powerful in a few months.

It’s annoying, but I’ve almost lost interest in caring until I get confirmation that it’s going to be upgradable.

another week another no drop. Its reaching the point where I’m not even sure its worth crafting since the next patch is soonish. It would have been nice to have been able to play with it when my guild was active.


I would like to know how this “bad luck protection” works, cuz since week 1 of this tier i killed sark and haven’t see the item yet


I will say, the COOLEST part about this is that the new 2h axe leggo got revealed and they had the nerve to go 'we listened to you guys!!! you’ll be able to earn this one over time!!!".

Meanwhile, in week 18 or whatever…lol.


why would they release an axe in a tree patch

Well it’s from Fyrakk and that homie is in his lumberjack era right now.

we should melt it down into a sword, but blizzard is just opposed to swords right now

True, there should be a good one in the current raid.

out of 9 evokers, 1 had the lego already, and literally watched 2 others get thier legendary drop and guess who didnt get it and is now on week 10 of no lego…
its so frustrating…

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