Covenant restrictions = Content Restrictions

Thanks for posting. It’s definitely worth it.

They said they wouldn’t make essences account-wide in BfA, then changed their course. They’ve made lot of changes because of community feedback, even if it took a long time to make it happen.

The more people that can express how punishing the system feels AND how it doesn’t provide anything for the RP players - the better.


“Working as intended”


I don’t know why you bothered either when you’ve already dismissed any opposing opinions as “white knight attacks”.

I wish you would acknowledge how impossible that is. You’re holding up FFXIV’s class swapping mechanic as a grand example of how SE treats their customers better but just because that’s what you want doesn’t make it something every MMO should do. Personally I think it’s kind of dumb and takes away from the identity of the character if you can just be any class.

As for experiencing the story, as you already said they’ve had it split between Alliance and Horde for basically the entire game (some expansions more than others) without it being a detriment. I like having alts, and I like being able to experience different things on them.


I am having fun, but I wish everyone else felt that way too.

“Pulling the ripcord” wouldn’t take anything away from my enjoyment of the game as a role-player/casual.

The restrictions don’t actually give players who like being loyal to one covenant anything special that we couldn’t get from our own volition. That’s why I’ve always disliked the system. It’s NEEDLESSLY punishing to players.

A better approach would have been to offer rewards to players that stayed loyal to a single covenant rather than punishing players that enjoy switching between them.


…and then, they took it to an extreme with Legion Class Halls. In order to get those stories, you needed a minimum of 12 characters from 100 to 110. At least you can play the stories on low level alts, now.

There’s only a few souls on these forums who still defend Covenants and they’re widely considered clowns.

This is the most important thing.

Blizzard never change things…Until they do. And it’s almost always “due to player feedback…”

As always #PullTheRipcord


Covenant restrictions are trash and they absolutely don’t match up with the story we’re being told. What, the Jailer is now wandering around outside the Maw attacking Ardenwaeld but the Night Fae still won’t allow me to use their powers to help save them?

Stuff it, I Don’t want to help them - Let them all die out.

In a single player game covenants would be something that incentivised a replay to see other parts of the story. The problem is with a MMORPG is the story is constantly changing(and goes ahead regardless if you’ve played the other sides) so people not doing the other paths are missing out huge chunks of story and it’s just really detached and confusing.

If this was a single player RPG I’d have the choice to let the Night Fae defend for themselves and I’d get a line in the ending credits of something along the lines of.

Stuck in their ways, the Night Fae refused to share their powers and in the end it cost them. Ardenwaeld was completely annihilated and all the inhabitants enslaved and their souls sent to the maw.


I was going to salt you before eating you alive… but it seems you come pretty salty to begin with.

PS:Im just kidding with you. I could not care less about covenants or how they are changed. Just saw a good salt opportunity.


This is what I always think when people try to defend the restrictions with some “RPG” argument.

It makes complete sense from a replayability perspective in a single-player RPG, or even a MMORPG with a single type of content and no specs per character/class.

But in an MMORPG with multiple specs/roles per character and various types of content, the restrictions are punishing.

I have a younger sadistic brother that actually likes the restrictions because they’re punishing to other players.

I love the RP aspects of games - but I just don’t buy this covenant setup. I get nothing tangible of value and tons of other players get punished for just wanting to play the game more. Meanwhile my troll of a brother is glee filled. :confused:


We will be allowed to swap freely in later patches

Ill wait until that patch to resub… if it ever happens. I honestly lost faith in this company. But it is clear to me that if I want to have fun in wow its easier to just come back for the last patch. The way this xpac is going i just dont have faith anymore. The best I can do is mention what I want while my sub is running. By now I think they know it already and just have me on ignore. They just disagree with me that I need it to enjoy the game. Thats their decision and I think they are standing by it even if it breaks the community.


But why?

Restrict the power set if you will but let us do the story, level up renown, and get cosmetics.

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Because they need some content for later patches

To be devil’s advocate here OP, but isn’t the same mindset that being stuck to one class is considered ‘content restriction’?

WoW doesn’t have the same class system as say FF14 which doesn’t restrict the classes you can do, granted.

But if the Covenant choice is a content restriction, then so is your class

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“Hey guys, I like to play Kyrian warrior!”

crickets for arena queues after the first week
“Go venthyr.”

I stopped doing them.

Anybody who thinks this doesn’t effect the mid-tier player is just willingly blind at this point.


Or the infamous “this feature didn’t turn out as well as we expected”.

But it’s always a considerable time after Blizzard said it was working perfectly and “we’re really happy with how it turned out”.

It’s a very familiar pattern, at this point.

In any case, I posted vociferously about this during Shadowlands beta. While others were largely concerned with the covenant powers, my biggest beef was always how they were shutting us off from 75% of the story. And from the extra features like Ember Court/etc.


No. To give you a good example, I am totally shut off from the story of what happens to Vol’jin and Rezan in Shadowlands.

Because I’m not Night Fae.

That’s dumb.

By fallback plan he means “sorry everyone. i was too stupid/ignorant to know what to do, right from the start of the expansion”.

It’s just a way/excuse for him to cover his own a** because of his failure. If he pulls the rip cord and the metrics/data increase people will start to praise ion.

“oh thank you ion”.

This whole covenant situation is so pathetic.

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It’s the same, yes. It just doesn’t fit the narrative so it’s not brought up.

You are missing the point. Covenants should never of been treated like a Class. We already have enough restrictions with Class. Covenants were an opportunity for ion to free up restrictions and content, but decided to keep the excessive restrictions in place at the expense of player enjoyment/freedom all the while lying about it being a ‘meaningful choice’ when players can create 4 alts, 1 per each covenant, which means their is no such thing as “hard choice”…"pick one and stick with it’.

The idea that if i hit 40 renown and switch covenants and i lose it, is one of the most idiotic things i have ever seen in any mmo. And these are the ideas coming from a game director. CRAZY!