Covenant Abilities should be a new talent row

Blizzard i will literally promise you this is the better option that ransoming power behind covenants.

This thread has some interesting discussion, I’ll give you that. But the amount of gratuitous bumping of this thread that you’re doing is ridiculous. It’s considered spam and against ToS. I’m not someone who would flag you, but you might want to cool it. Just friendly advice.

Yep, it should just be a talent row. Everyone knows but blizz.


Every time this thread is moved to the top it increases the coverage of the message. Would you prefer I made a new thread every time it doesn’t a reply?

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I don’t believe discussions of a still-relevant thread are against the Terms of Service. This thread is especially important as the game is still in Alpha, so, it is quite good to keep the discussion alive.


Do not “bump” posts.

The act of posting simply to bump a thread is considered spamming. This also includes bumping very old threads for no reason (called “necro bumping” or “necroing”).

Making a new thread with the same content would also be spam.

Telling Blizzard I promise that there is a better option than their current system is hardly posting just to bump the thread up.

Your input is well noted, but this is a very important discussion that needs to be had.


Yea the percentage of people who would prefer the current system to a talent row or something else would be tiny. Like within the margin of error of 0% tiny Imo.


I think it goes back to what Crimsonrayne was saying, at least he is honest with his reasons - He wants to punish the top end because he’s a self-proclaimed jerk.

It’s a one way damaging street, one situation targets and harms to people who care about their character and the other scenario nobody gets harmed.


yea so

this latest build added all 12 soulbinds to the alpha

of course there are busted ones and awful ones

can’t wait to have player X who picked the good covenant for his class to be 40% stronger than player Y who picked the bad covenant

what a great system :slight_smile:

Nothing quite like giving cheat death to the strongest utility soulbind. What kind of blockhead thought that balance was okay.

Seems like an opinion.

Yes, it is an opinion.

This opinion happens to be shared with a lot of players.

E: Tbh, at this point it’s no longer an opinion. With the available information out there now, the system is no longer doomed to be a failure. It is already one.


Yes and bring back legendarias ty

Explain your reasoning?

The difference between picking a good covenant and a bad covenant is already far more drastic than anything we’ve seen so far. We’re talking double digits numbers here, in the 20 to 40% levels. Absolutely absurd.

For reference, we are at the end of the expansion with Corruption, Essences, and Azerite. A character with bad traits from all these systems is essentially around 30% weaker than a character with good essences, corruption and azerite.

So, if this remains untouched, we will see absurd differences in power between covenants, as the expansion releases. Instead of a year later when there’s systems on top of systems empowering your character.


I mean the thread has 1111 replies, both myself and Tiphess have been pretty outspoken for our reasons.


Scroll up a bit. Plenty of people have already said.


At this point I’m genuinely thankful to be a raider that doesn’t care about other endgame content.

Someone who wants to do more than one type of end game content is automatically screwed. Disgusting system. The only solution is to play 2 to 4 characters of the same class to be able to utilize all the covenants they need. Honestly baffled at how Blizzard thinks this is okay.


The unfortunate part is, while I’m with you on that - All the guildies in our guild that do other content will be punished and will ruin the fun for them.

Luckily we have the brain capacity to see how although it doesn’t impact us it will impact them which is why we are the voice of reason.