Counting Argali

Hey Quest Designers…

Please just do something different for this kind of quest “Counting Argali”, return sheep to the herd…maybe some way to control their direction with a vehicle type of quest or some extra buton…

Something excited…this just cause frustation.

This quest is so stupid, twice the damn sheep vanished on me and if they get on the rocks they wont move. I gave it up as a bad joke. Really does need rethinking. All the quests just seem to be rehashed, finding them all boring and feel like I have been there before over and over. Really though this might have been good but the jury is still out.


This quest is absolute trash. The person or team responsible for it should never be allowed to design any more quests.


the same mechanics were in play with the herding kittens in suramar

Please remove and replace this quest.

I remember that one. I don’t exactly remember why but it wasn’t nearly as bad as this. I do remember that I was able to heard more than one at a time then. Maybe it was their size, and/or they stopped less?

there wasn’t as long as a distance and the kittens were close together, these are all spread out. I agree the kitten was easier but this one isn’t that bad after you do 10 times or so.

Please, Blizzard. Give us an item to use - a leash, a stick, something. Or a button to click to emote them into moving along. We even have a companion dog that shows up to help and does nothing. Please, rework this quest.

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This is literaly the worst quests of the xpac.

You barely can control when the sheep start moving and direction.

Always get stuck in the rock and stops there.

Worst mechanic and design for a quest ever.

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