Council member goes off. A MUST READ


Hes just a middle man. Don’t blame that blue for trying to at least throw a cup of water on a house fire.


I think that guy really shouldn’t be on the community council. I get being angry but like… Idk people need to go outside. The entitlement is unreal. There are other games that you can play. Like it just comes across as someone over 30 who is nerd raging over a game.

Honestly if I was blizzard the lesson I would take from this is all forum users are idiots and to never give them any sort of special forum or “council”. Treat us like dumb kids honestly since no one here can act like an adult.


If we take Blizzard at face value, then the question is why did Blizzard allow transfers to Benediction, when they knew full well the server hardware could not possibly support that number of (concurrent) players? (Y’know, aside from the obvious reasons.)

If there is a hardware limitation that Blizzard knew existed and still allowed transfers, that shows thunderstriking incompetence or willful disregard for their customers. Or both.

If there isn’t a hardware limitation and Blizzard is lying about that, well… fantastic, now we have Blizzard on-the-record lying.


Honestly even if they are lying/wrong/whatever I’ll just say that what they are doing is the right course of action regardless. They should be honest, but even if they can increase server capacity to accommodate mega servers all that does is perpetuate the problem more and more. What people are saying when they say “You need to fix this” is to increase server capacity, and it’s not actually a solution, just an accommodation.

Telling players to get off the mega servers or deal with the queues is the right call.


Agreed. Megaservers shouldnt have ever been a thing to begin with


Money is always the issue, all of their decisions have hinged on whether they can squeeze more money and you can’t convince me otherwise.

Server queues? Pay to move

No RDF but you’re sick of leveling? Pay to boost

Tired of empty realms? We’ll merge all those realms and move you to an undisclosed realm and you can’t do anything about it after it happens unless you pay to move.

Now I’ll grant you that last one had the option to move freely to another realm before the merge, however said realms are now among those that are locked and overloaded currently like grobbulus, including the server they moved everyone to manually which was Sulfuras, So no matter what you would’ve been screwed unless you paid to move somewhere that wasn’t a mega server.

The dev team is incompetent, and the people above them are greedy. Plain and simple.


I actually hate that Grobb has become a mega server as the community has gone downhill.

Blizz and their shareholders dont care about infrastructure as long as they can penny pinch and cut corners even if their mobile games department makes them millions each month. The fact that classic servers can’t deal with 30k players when RETAIL servers with higher populations and even connections work just fine.

Someone on both the hardware and software side really screwed the pooch on Classic.


Retail servers don’t have higher populations. The Classic megaservers are the most populated servers in either version of the game.


The CC member says “not spend the resources necessary” and put their finger directly on the issue.
Blizz will not at this time spend the money necessary for the relief that is needed.
So we are stuck with taking their ooo free transfers or taking our gaming money elsewhere.


I think you mean soon-to-be ex community council member.


It was insulting. Basically told us to go F ourselves. “Oh you guys wanna play megaservers? Dont think so. Locked. We are going to take a strong approach at killing megaservers.”. Their decision is worse than if they just did nothing. They will lose more players by this in the future, just watch. Guaranteed.


They could have just capped them too so this wouldnt happen.


Yea gotta remove anyone who doesnt agree.


Unless that member is resigning I don’t see why Blizz would punt them.
They were firm but fair in their assessment.


I’m sure some of those devs are still working at Blizzard and their toxic fratboy behaviour continues unpunished.

bro snapped…

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Expecting excellent service for a preoduct you pay for, and calling out PR BS when it is thrown at you, is not “being entitled” in the way you swing the term around like an insult. Because in most places of commerce around the world, believe it or not, customers are entitled to excellent service.


Oh yeah. This should have been nipped in the bud a long time ago…but Blizzard has continued to allow this to go on for one reason or another. Remember that layers were introduced in P1 of Classic Vanilla and pitched as something that would be gone by P2 and here we are in the WoTLK pre-patch with servers outright needing them to be playable.

Blizzard definitely has fault in this for one reason or another. Why they did what they did is probably financially motivated. The $80 in-game package is proof enough for where their head is at in this regard, but unless someone wants to pitch something besides increasing server capacity (because that doesn’t solve anything) I have no idea what else could be done to solve the problem long term. Even if they had some integrity what you’re all experiencing right now would have taken place last year or two years ago.


It’s the right course of action for fixing the queue issue given the circumstances but that’s really just the least they can do. It’s expected of them to provide a service to paying customers.

The thing is, we need more than just the queues fixed, we need long term solutions to problems that have plagued Classic and that… that requires resources provided to the classic dev team. Whether it be more devs, hardware or third party software, I’m sure the devs themselves are acutely aware of what they need. Maintenance of old software isn’t cheap, it is often more expensive than new development, and while none of us here can tell what really goes on at Blizzard, the signs pointing to them being understaffed are everywhere to be seen. It couldn’t be more obvious without adding neon lights to the front page of the forums screaming they’re overworked already.