Could Blizzard Please Remove the Trust Level System?

I was responding to what you wrote. I know what wikis are. Your description made it sound like a private venue for people with TL3.

Then that is my fault if I was not clear. I was trying to say that TL 3 and the Discourse software has some cool features that benefit everyone.

It is public, and posting here on these forums, as I said before.

I think that is comming next with the special Community team.

Well, you can’t post there if you are not in the Council. However, you can view all the posts made there and discuss it here.

Unlike past versions that were super secret.

I had thought it also mentioned about another special part of the forum that is not open to the public view?

That will only be for council members. Maybe another forum or a discord server perhaps :man_shrugging:

Wouldnt that then tie in with the whole trust level system we hearing about?

That has nothing to do with trust level that has to do with whether you are part of the council or not…not your standing on the forums.

The selection process won’t be bias towards who can or can’t be trusted on the forum then?

We have no idea…they’ve got a form for anyone in the game to fill out to apply for it. I wouldn’t think it would factor in…I’m trust level 3 and I sure as hell wouldn’t want that to factor in to whether they accept me if I applied for that stuff.

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Put a ` before and after the link.

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What this person said. Just put the URL text you want to share in between this symbol: `

You can link twitter or wowhead freely.

However, seeing as the article was 3 days ago, you should assume it’s been discussed many times.

They won’t as the pc babies are here.

Having a “Trust level” system doesn’t seem like a bad idea to me. However, and someone can correct me if I’m wrong about this, I feel like I remember hearing that one of the requirements for Trust Level 3 was reading some ridiculous number of posts within your recent history on the forum (the system registering you as “reading” a post when your browser window lingers on it for a long enough period rather than scrolling past it).

That doesn’t seem like it should be a requirement to me. I could see active participation level / length of time you’ve been active as reasonable requirements. The pure number of posts you’ve “read” recently, at least when it’s set really high, seems like an unhealthy requirement.

If I’m misremembering though about that being a requirement, let me know.

Hey bringing happiness isn’t to be underestimated!

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The only thing this forum has over the old forums is the ability to update in real time and not have to go through the whole refreshing when you were looking to see if someone responded thing.

Otherwise, these forums are much worse, and the removal of the downvote button among other choices is questionable at best.

It is more complicated than that. There is a sticky at the top of the forum by OW MVP WyomingMist (Siyanati) that goes into the details of it. Those can be shuffled, but you will get the basic idea. It is days active, posts read, likes given, avoiding getting suspended, etc.

If you are curious, check the Forum Guide I mentioned.

Ah, just checked it.

The number I couldn’t remember was 20,000 posts read of posts created in the last 100 days. That’s the requirement that seemed really off to me.

What do you mean by shuffled? Shuffling to me sounds like a term for cycling in and out requirements, but it doesn’t look sound like the requirements change.

I mean that the number of posts read and things like that can be changed by Blizzard. So while a very busy forum might have 20K, a very slow one like D3 has less. You can’t read 20k posts if there are not 20k posts to even read! The TL permissions are per game forum so it makes sense.