Cosmic flux season 4?

How about them genesis motes?


How about giving us something else to spend it on. Maybe crafting mats for the mounts and pets. You could make it astronomically high like 100k for a specific piece and it would be great.

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Torgast got ignored : /

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Genesis motes drop rate buffs please… make them drop from something else than mobs too.

2 out of 3 instanced s4 sources will stop dropping flux come df. This is going to operate just like echoes did in terms of input/output.

Why would Torghast need anything buffed? CF buys soul ash & cinders too.

This is really great, thanks.

This is a great change, but is there any chance a catchup mechanic will be added to Unity as well?

Does anyone even do torghast anymore

The Memory is Account wide if thats what you mean.

That’s fine for alts, but doesn’t help anyone returning after a long break.

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Locked behind Revered which for a new player is a 30d waiting period.


Doing 16s still takes a bunch of time for cosmic flux. And ZM didn’t get touched at all : /. Those were good solo sources for cosmic flux.

And mythic 0s don’t give cosmic flux either. It would be nice if the shadowlands 0s gave that.

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Would be cool if Honor Gear could be changed into Tier Gear, as not having your tier on new characters feels awful. It’s the beginning of Season 3 all over again where you just feel like its better to afk for 3 months…

Or remove the Conquest cap, or make increase it to 1600 a week, not 800.

Idk, just feels bad.

But thank you for being active in making the game just less sucky.

Can you take a look at increasing the conquest cap? It’s only up 100 points per week compared to last season, which is effectively nothing.

I ran Epic battlegrounds this past weekend and went from 6k to 10k. Not a bad way to do it.

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So yet again you’re leaving out the outdoor players in season 4.

This is getting ridiculous.


I mean they can do the quest? The questline is not gated and can be finished in one day.

Do outdoor players need more flux? I think the issue with Flux is that players who are trying to do instanced content are forced to do a lot of outdoor content to gather up the ~10k flux it takes to get a toon 4set and both leggos, and then another 10k for 278 conduits. I have no idea what outdoor content looks like if it’s not a pile of things that give flux.

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To be fair if a player who only does outdoor content also wants to gear up their characters, they only have the dailies, treasures and rares as a source of flux, none of which can be repeated ad nauseum per day like keys or rated pvp.

It’s a valid argument but I suspect since Blizzard is treating S4 as only for instanced content players, they aren’t going to do anything about this disparity.