Cosmic flux season 4?

What’s the best way to farm flux now? I gotta upgrade lots of gear and I’m flux poor .

Send it over from your other toons.

What if I don’t have any lol next option

LFR gives…I think 100 flux per boss.

Daily quests, M+, i think raid finder,


Rares, chests, quests and Fated bosses.

Is that just the fated LFR? Or does sepulcher give some aswell?

Sepulcher and fated. Should be able to run through both on LFR and get quite a bit. Not sure if the other is fated only for cosmic, never checked.

First time you kill a rare in ZM is 50-75. Chests is 10-15 cosmic flux. Dailies are 75 cosmic flux. ZM raid is 2000 for full clear. Cosmic flux/per hour is best in the ZM zone.

If you are starting on a new toon a bunch of the one-time only chests are 200 cosmic flux too for each character.

Treasure farming in ZM + sniping the quick/easy rares. Treasures are an endless resource that gives like 10 per. It doesn’t sound like alot, but it adds up especially given that treasures are everywhere. You also can join rare farming groups and just zerg around the zone in a pack which also gets you your weekly done pretty quick.

For sheer efficiency, besides maybe fated LFR 1 time, treasure farming is going to be the best option. It also has the massive benefit that it quickly gets your cypher box maxed out and let’s you buy olea caches which give mats to make the mounts/pets. If you’re into that at all, even to sell pets, that’s a bonus.

LFR sire is 650 flux once per week

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I get 150 flux per normal boss

10 boss fated seems to be 150/boss, 650 for the last boss.

650 for last boss!? Awesome. Thank you all!

The treasure run in Zerith Mortis is a good source, a one time though.


Torghast. :sunglasses:

Don’t do this to me. Please.

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That’s exactly why I don’t play any alts, I never want to step foot in that place again.


Welllll what sucks is you need the flux to upgrade new gear to tier pieces lol . I got a 288 and a 292 or something like that

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With a hotfix that is going live to all realms imminently:

  • All Cosmic Flux rewards from PvP, Mythic+, and Raid sources have been increased by 100%.