Corruptions are NOT fun. REMOVE

You get to 120.

You get 470 gear.

You still suck at damage because you dont have 15 weeks worth of corruptions.

Fun game.


Little goblin Junior gunna cry


I enjoy them and pre patch coming soon


I don’t care about them much personally (I get a few okay ones to trigger heart of darkness and call it a day), but not to worry, prepatch will cure all corruption ills.

plays a song on the World’s Smallest Violin.


Suck it up, they’re removing them in pre-patch. Just don’t play until then.


Hey, I quite like my masterful corruptions. They add up to a bunch of silliness in both fire and frost specs.

The system as a whole is bad though. It’s being removed in the prepatch.

aw lemme play despacito on the worlds smallest alexa


I predict that corruption will be removed in a few months.

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agreed…corruptions brought bad time for the pvp scenario…

like others said here, prepatch will remove this madness from the game…

But, don’t get hope now…

…legendaries, conduits and new talents are coming…

If only you could buy them from a vendor.


I dunno dude they’re going away in like a month or two. Just grind some or deal with being mediocre a bit longer in content nobody cares about.

Corruption will be gone soon enough.

Can’t be long now, Blizzard said launch was this year and we are running out of days for the year.

Your wish will be granted soon.

I hear there’s a prepatch that’ll fix most of your problems.

For the rest, there’s tissues to wipe up them tears

You can buy them…

Yep. Talk to the nice metal lady.

Saw this when I came back. Its a menu item that stands out. I use to just see her to cleanse. Its nice she does more these days.

Imagine caring about a mechanic that will be dead literally soon.

i easily quit and mained a different game because of it, and im an old time wow player