Corrupting Your Season 4 Crafted Items

We intend to soon deploy a hotfix that will make Season 4 crafted items corruptable using the new Contaminants. This will not change how they initially drop (they still won’t be initially Corrupted), but they’ll now be valid targets for the Preserved Contaminant.

This will, of course, exclude items that cannot ever be Corrupted, such as engineering goggles (Azerite) or alchemist stones (trinkets).

We’re still working on the issue of items that were cleansed prior to this new system. We’ll update you further on that in the next couple of days.


“Looks at alchemist stone” /cry


Can you make the change for gear from older BFA patches, such as 8.2 and 8.1.5 to be made corrupted as well?

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What would you want to corrupt from older tiers?

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Please god no. We don’t need Diver’s Folly to get even more ridiculous.


No. Use current patch gear.

Diver’s Folly

Give mains more echoes its so unfair people had months to stock up and mains need to grind for weeks


Wow,humans never stop be amazing ,to think of putting corruption on a alchemy trinket.Just goes to say if you think it it is.

Well played :smile:

Refuse to believe they didn’t intend for us to have to grind out all new gear and sockets. They must have heard our outrage…

that was a good weapon not gonna lie

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Confused by this I got a corrupted hammer. :thinking:

Thank you so much for the update! Its good to know that items cleansed prior to the update are being worked on. Phew.

By that time, the current available corruptions will be gone and won’t be available again for ~3 weeks due to how the vendor has been implemented.

At the very least can the devs please make all 52 corruptions available from the vendor right now, instead of these artificial delaying tactics? This way when the cleansed item bug is fixed, then we’ll be able to purchase & the corruptions we want right away.

I don’t know who’s idea it was to only make 6 corruptions available at a time, but it is painfully clear the reasoning was (once again) this bizarre developer philosophy of time-gating basic QOL features that should have been present when the system was first implemented. The developers finally got things right added a corruption vendor after most people became fed up of the corruption system, only to time-gate players again with only 6 corruptions available at a time.

The developers are so close, they almost got it right at the very end of the expac…but once again they purposely screwed things up with this stalling/delaying philosophy. Please, whoever is enforcing this philosophy in Blizzard for the entirety of BFA…please talk some sense into them. I beg of you. We’re at the end of the damn expansion, please just get this right. Please stop this artificial time-gating madness for QOL features. Make all 52 corruptions available from the vendor.


I think you can buy the corruptions now and hold onto them until you want to use them.

I bought an expedient on day 1. Still haven’t used it.

Hi, any similar hotfix in the makings for the 500 conquest point reward items? These can’t be corrupted either at the moment, even the ones retrieved after the reset.

Thx for the feedback.


Assuming someone has the echos now to buy them can’t you buy it and just bank it until the fix then use it?

How about let people play however they please?


What about my echoes?