Coren Direbrew BUGGED!

Coren Direbrew Quest bugged in the 5 attempts we should have had we only got 2 done!!! BLIZZ FIX THIS i didnt get 3 attempts today because of this!!!


We didn’t get any. We all did turn ins. He never “spawned”

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Same issue with me too. wasted 3 of our attempts. only got 2 in.

How much you want to bet they’ve partially implemented the RDF system and it’s messed up Special Event dungeon modes.

Because this is the first I’ve heard of Coren bugging. But I remember myself and many others having trouble with Ahune’s crystal not resetting and requiring a full dungeon reset to fix (until it broke again after like the second summon).

I bet three of the two people who did the run likely weren’t being honest and had already done their run for the day.

Quick, onward to the forums to blame Blizzard!!!

(Make sure you use a lot of exclamation marks and have the CAPS LOCK button pressed too!!!)


Right. Far be it from blizzard to have bugs in their perfect game right? Like half the people on wotlk couldn’t even load into character lists yesterday. The whole reason they have this forum is to report bugs, you wojack.


Thanks for sharing, sock puppet.

My bad, should I just be mad at the world like you and blame everything on everyone else?

Maybe you missed the post by the blue indicating they were aware of the character screen issue? Also … what does that have to do with the holiday event???

Special kind of special trying to deflect from the point of people being dishonest in a video game.

I was able to do all 5, one person didnt even know about the daily inside the dungeon and I bet people are just getting as many attempts as possible and just playing dumb or trying to say “its a bug though”. Should have been done with RDF to be honest, and they should have upped the trinket ilvl, kind of weird how ahune gave 232 cloaks but they couldnt update the trinkets.


This sounds like a pretty solid theory.

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It’s so much easier to fling insults at people and try to deflect away from what likely occurred (people being dishonest) and blame blizzard.

I’ve got a feeling we have a prime culprit in them being one of the guilty parties … thus the need for a sock puppet forum alt.

99% certain what you said is exactly what happened.

Happens every year by dishonest players who mess it up for everyone else.

Again, no ones saying there isn’t a possibility of people being dishonest a human condition, but considering i did a run with just guildies and 3 of our quests didn’t work. I’m supposed to just assume they’re lying? That doesn’t = deflecting. Inherently the game has bugs and thats why it’s being posted, not sure where the boot licking is coming from buddy.


I think he might be bugged. I’ve been sitting here alone for over 30 minutes waiting for him to become attackable and nothing, he’s just shouting his RP over and over.


Yeah you caught me. Grr im so angry at the world!!! Keep on trolling mang, not really comprehending what’s going on here I see. So quick to defend but your lack of understanding is certainly laughable. Enjoy trolling on the forums where people just want simple issues to get fixed :wink:

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See! You’re getting it. Next time make sure you use caps locks too. It makes more of an “oomph”.

Someone is triggered in repeating themselves.

You take care now. I’m sure I’ll see you on another sock puppet soon. :wave:

except for the fact that there is a RP event that happens when u turn in the daily you cant fake NPC dialog.


Had the same bug happen to my group. Quest completion all around without and encounter starting

:roll_eyes: Love how the devs are busy adding non-original wotlk features like titan rune dungeons, instead of making sure actual original features work properly.


This happened on the EU servers already before today’s reset when the event went live (around midnight), so ~19 hours ago, there was already a 8 hour server restart and it’s still not fixed. :man_facepalming:

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Ah, good to know! :+1: