Cooldown trading meta ruined WoW pvp confirmed

Being useless outside of cooldowns is dumb and feels terrible and is terrible to watch. Relying on cooldowns is dumb and annoying af


yea auto attacks should deal 90% of someones hp


Yup ten whatever

You’re right, the meta should be dictated on who has the most paragon levels.

I like it. Good counter plays.

Counter play or follow a script?
It’s too inorganic

agree that it is very formulaic

arena can get extremely boring compared to the much larger variety in battleground sandboxes, although rated bg’s can get pretty formulaic and repetitive as well

Thanks MoP.

If you think that is an actual counterargument to what the OP posted, then you aren’t too bright.

You can have play/counterplay with cooldowns still being the most important part of the fight while also bringing up rotation to be more of a threat. There is a lot of middle ground that doesn’t involve “herp derp u want autoattack to do 90% of dmg.”


buddy he’s an enhancement shaman his auto attacks already do 90% of someone’s hp



Yea Retail PvP hasn’t been exciting to watch for a very long time. The main issue is shallow class design and borrowed powers. So only your borrowed powers matter when you want to mombo wombo. They do this to try and sell the trash systems for that expansion. Which all it does it make people not want to play.

Indeed but it can’t be fixed because Retail is to far gone… it was too far gone a few expansions back.


This definitely led to this season being pretty mundane and telegraphed in most cases. Especially now that omnibar is ubiquitous and a must-have for nearly everyone that dabbles in PvP, the game just feels a lot more sketchy at times. Consistent dmg has been basically non-existent and that’s one of the reasons why most people don’t feel inclined to play and enjoy arenas now.

They should really turn up the notch on consistent dmg for some classes and get rid of certain talents/borrowed power items that make your major cds refresh off cd faster. Cds should matter, but not at the cost of making your entire dmg kit useless or trivial. It’s definitely the one thing that should have been addressed on Beta or alteast a few weeks into SL. Fire mages, sub rogues, rets, and mm hunters are prime examples of this. There’s just too much of a disproportion in terms of burst cd reliance to consistent dmg significance while unhealthy faster cd refreshments are infused in gameplay elements to make them feel much more powerful.

the most boring design is the kind of abilities that instead of being interesting tools are just basically “press this button to do whatever you’re already doing but with bigger numbers”, “press this button so the numbers they throw at you become smaller”.

abilities should be tools to be used in certain scenarios, like some kind of puzzle that requieres not only understanding but proper execution, not to just make very big numbers, thats so one-dimensional

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Sadly this is the most diplomatic way of putting it into a post at this point. People have been saying this since Cata/MOP reworks. Ret and Sub were super c.d. reliant in cata, as opposed to wrath. MoP doubled down on that for some reason, even though it was unpopular then and forced people into quitting.

See when people do world content and the other necessary evils they don’t always want to have to wait for 2-4 cra to come up to progress through whatever. It causes super scripted pvp, which ages the system much faster than it used to. It also creates pve scenarios that determine class worth depending on the general length of time it takes to get cds back up. One reason dps dk is sleeper in m+ right now is both specs have a two minute or less general CD refresh, army notwithstanding.

Which brings me to my last point; it realty messes up the pvp scene when you have classes designed around things like Army and Bloodlust and those things aren’t properly compensates for when removed from pvp. To be clear in not saying unholy should be able to use army in arena but I wish they were compensated for it like mages not being able to time warp are.

The main problem why this game is boring as nuts in 2 sentences.

Almost as if … its plain obvious whats wrong with the game but hey lets continue the road :clown_face:

MoP s15 was never cooldown reliant

like … that just wasn’t a thing

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As a sub rogue main and fire mage alt, I feel this.

I rolled a monk just to feel what sustained damage is like.


I still have flashbacks of Stampede at the start of MoP though, even if MoP was the best expansion I’ve ever played when it comes to PvP.

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yeah thats why i said s15.

S12 and S13 was a clown fiesta, really.

14 was aight and 15 was BiS

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Uhh, even monks are pretty bleh when no cds are up…

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You realize that this IS the first season of shadowlands right and they have got a majority of it correct and 9.1 is going to bring amazing healer balance. People like to say I Like consistent damge then turn right around when they hate vsing bm hunters because they do too much consistent damage.

The reason shadowlands sucks so much is the rate at which you get gear for alts and then the gear that you can get is somewhat gated by rating which to me isn’t really much of a problem if people could play their alts at the mmr they should be playing at.