Cooldown trading meta ruined WoW pvp confirmed


Its been a cooldown trading meta since WoD, what have you been playing the past years ???

Legion had a HUGE amount of consistent damage as did WoD without cooldowns so not sure what your talking about. The strongest comp in wod was a consistent damage comp (turbo).

maybe on 1.5 ?

I mean im honestly not sure if you even played arena because CD trading meta was a thing as soon as they started pruning 70% of our abilities and put all the power into CD’s which was WoD


What are you even talking about. You realize consistent damage AND cooldown stacking can both be part of a meta. What your talking about has been a thing since the inception of pvp in any game.

There were plenty of classes throughout both wod and legion that did an extreme amount of damage outside of cds like spriests/aff locks/boomys/ferals basically anything that had a dot and anything that had -consistent- damage procs like shamans, warriors and basically every class. Granted a lot of these had scary cds but you could still kill outside of cooldowns much like BM hunter does atm.

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Prolly in the minority here but I think a change to the old dispel system would help a lot. I know RNG dispelling gets people pissed but having to CBA using multiple globals to dispel a poly or having a poly dispelled instantly when you have stacks of debuffs on the target forces players to adapt. Now it’s just poly spam because you know they’re gonna be dispelled.

Wouldn’t work with current class design obviously but I feel the dispel CD contributed a lot to the scripted gameplay we have now.


Shhhhh, I’m in that blissful 20s bracket where I just roll to people and fist of fury slow them

Sin rogue next patch will be backed to sustained, so I’m really enjoying the giant bursts while I still can

Feral and Spriest used to output so much consistent damage in Legion. I played that comp a lot and it was so fun because it played a rot and dot style which is something I’ve always really enjoyed.

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