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You should each have separate battle net accounts, as sharing is not allowed except between a child and guardian.


What you originally described is account sharing. That is a violation of the ToS

What you can do, however, is have her set up a bnet account, and get her own wow license.

Blizzard cares not who pays, so you can pay for it. This will accomplish the same thing with none of the risk.


To expand on what Kozzae said you can pay for her account if you want. But she would indeed need to make a new account in her name with her information. When you get to the payment info simply have her enter your card number or gift her game time.


No that is still account sharing. She would need her own bnet account.


There isn’t. Only one adult is allowed to access a single battle.net account and that would be you for your account :wink:

She needs her own battle.net in how own name. Otherwise, she’d still have access to your battle.net and wow accounts (ie, account sharing).


That would be, technically, account sharing, as you would be giving her your login information.

You could have up to 8 different wow licenses on a bnet account, and you could play them all at once, each having their own subscription fee of course. That is essentially what multiboxing is. However, your GF would need her own bnet account to meet the terms.


Nope, still just one adult per battle.net.


It’s the same with any person really. Siblings can get mad, delete your stuff. Spouses can get a divorce. Your account information is yours, not to be shared, except with one child.


Just out of curiosity, why would you want it set up that way anyway?


Oh I fully understood what you meant and I don’t believe any Mal intent on your part.

It is a solid question. It is one we see on the regular here.

Your best bet, though, is to have her set up her own account.

Being in your bnet, it makes it your account.

I have 2 accounts on my launcher as well. Mine and an account for my kid. He is not worried about splitting off as he does not want to pay for the game, so it sits inactive at the moment. They are still my accounts, on my bnet.

I am only cautioning you as I don’t want to read later you got suspended for account sharing. While we clearly know that is not your intent, it could still happen.

Good news though. You no longer need to purchase the game. If she creates an account as soon as you read this, a starter account, and game time is added she will have everything through Legion. No more base game plus expansion purchase to worry about. And I am guessing by your response this is what you were trying to avoid?


Ahhh gotcha. Itnis the safest bet my friend.


Trust me, it’s a lot simpler in the long-run to have one person per account!


There are other restrictions with multiple accounts under the same Battlenet as well. The first account logged in would be the primary one for Battlenet/Real ID communication, so the other account could send messages but not receive replies. You and your partner would not be able to communicate using this either because only one account can properly use it. Pet battling in the Live game can only be done by the first account logged in as well.


what if your spouse and your the guardian like in the middle east or india?

Not sure exactly what you’re asking. But to be clear, two adults are never allowed to be on the same battle.net account.

Only one adult and one minor child.

I have friends in india and middle east, it is legal for them to be married to ya know, would they have to ask their local ToS ? (just curious about procedures for other countries)

Not sure if you’re trolling or not, but the answer doesn’t change.

V. Subject to the laws of your country of residence,

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