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A friend of mine unfortunately has lost access to his account due to losing his authenticator.
His currently trying to seek support to have the authenticator removed however each time he gets a response to his ticket it comes from I’m just curious as to how he is meant to respond to these information requests given he can’t access his account and hence the tickets themselves?

Will an email response from his email address be forwarded to the correct support staff even though its a noreply address?

Unfortunately the most obvious solution live chat seems to be down at the moment presumably due to the worldwide covid situation.

He should be able to log into the website without the authenticator and ask for a authenticator removal he will be required to submit a piece of ID to prove he is who he says he is. Once he does get it removed I would suggest getting the mobile authenticator asap.

You would think so but the website login seems to require authentication via his mobile app. (He has lost restore information hence why his trying to have it removed).

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So your friend went to this link?

There should be an option to submit a ticket there without having to use the authenticator.


Yeah he has, creating a ticket isn’t the issue It is that each time a GM is asking for additional information which he cannot provide because there is no access to the active ticket. Seems like the communication line is broken because even with additional tickets it hits a different member of staff (even when providing a ticket reference number).

Out of curiosity, what sort of request is he making if they’re asking for more information? Seems like he might being a little long-winded, and brevity is a greater ally in these situations. Submit ticket with ID proof, be short and concise (something like “lost authenticator, cannot manually remove it, ID provided as proof of account ownership, please remove attached authenticator,” for example).

Unfortunately its not a cut and dry case - although that would work for the majority. In his case the identification is not going to match the name given on the account. That’s why not having a clear communication line is a point of frustration. Other ways of verifying account ownership have already been requested and he cannot provide this additional information because he can’t respond.

Aaaaah… yes. The unfortunate side-effect of a younger(?) person’s silly side, and the downside of creating legal documentation with (potentially) fake information. :frowning:

It is probably in his best interest, then, to hold off until Blizzard resumes working from their offices and re-open live chat and callback means of communication. I have a gut feeling that he isn’t going to get anywhere at this point in time, with this new information. Those two do not require a back-and-forth with tickets, and are a bit of an easier avenue to get helpful information across.

With the situation being something of this particular nature, hopefully he can understand the necessity of using Blizzard’s tools and the need to keep private information safe from intrusive outside forces, instead of a GM using their personal email. Neither party can then be held liable if something goes seriously awry.

I know this goes contradictory to the whole ‘brevity’ sentiment in my last post, but has he tried copying some requests from previous tickets and pasting them in new tickets with direct responses instead of just providing ticket numbers? I don’t want to get his hopes up, but I’d imagine multiple different ways of getting the information across might be beneficial.


Yeah unfortunately.

Just here to see if there is any current alternative methods of contact (maybe via direct email) for those in similar predicaments who have lost account access given the current support circumstances.

Not to mention how he may go about removing his subscription charges if he is unable to retrieve his account for the near future.

His tried to include details of the situation including the name of the GM with the information request attached in additional tickets but I believe he may have hit a wall of not being able to open any more additional cases. Your idea of a direct copy of his last reply may be helpful I’ll keep it in mind.

Unfortunately not-- web tickets are currently the only option. We do see the occasional admission of information not having matching identification, but they are far and none in between. He will most certainly want to have information at the ready so that the attending GM in the future can quickly go in and make the necessary changes so he doesn’t run into this situation again.

Without knowing the goings on at Blizz HQ, there’s no telling when their staff will return and re-open the other two lines of contact. Reaching out to his subscription method’s provider (be it a bank’s debit card or a credit card) to request a stop on all future charges will definitely be in his best interest, and he will have much less hassle reaching out to re-enable them when he does successfully get back in, rather than letting them continue until such a time and then step into a whole new pickle if he tries to issue chargebacks.

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It might be helpful for them to make a new account with an unrelated e-mail and then create tickets that way

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If additional information is being requested, the only way to provide that will be to open a new ticket. If he’s opened too many tickets recently, he may need to wait for the cool down to expire and then create a new ticket with the requested information.

It’s not ideal, but would allow for them to keep track on the ticket “conversation” until the issue is fully resolved on their main account.


This happen to me when my phone died. I installed bluestack (android emulator) then installed authenticate, used my restore info and was able to log into my account to take it off, after I got new phone I added it back. Hope this helps or someone later.