Consumable Scarcity Problem

After going through BWL many people are realizing the same thing. We need 4x as many fire protection potions for BWL as we needed for MC, at least.

It’s early morning right now I logged in to see what the situation is. Elemental Fires are pushing over 10g a piece now. Small flame sacs 4g each. Ungoro and Arathi are camped 24/7 right now there’s 5 people battling for tags in Ungoro at 10am.

The Black Lotus problem is bad enough, most people just can’t flask at all, it’s prohibitively expensive. But now also I want to recommend that everyone in the raid bring 10 Greater Fire Protection Potions to Raid, but that’s not feasible when they cost 15g each. Many players don’t spend 10 hours per week farming for the minimum consumables.

Resources in the world need to increase. Spawns need to be lowered. The game was never designed for 10x the number of players to be in these worlds.

This needs to be the #1 priority for classic.


There is more than one way to get through the content. If your guild isn’t making the gear check to get past the fights that need FR, perhaps they could be working on crafting up some FR gear.


My guild has perfect fire resist gear. Many of our players use flasks.

Doesn’t have anything to do with this discussion. There’s no alternative to 3000 fire damage prevention. They make a HUGE difference on many fights. And scarcity of those items is a huge problem caused solely by the fact that Blizzard made ‘super servers’ with 10x the number of players, but didn’t change the spawn times on the mobs that drop highly contested resources.


A lot of healers are glad to finally have people to heal.


So, I don’t know how it is anywhere else, but the Black Lotus prices in Stalagg kept going up (almost 140g on Monday/Tuesday)… and now they’re back to around 100g. Expensive, sure, but it seems that people overestimated the demand for BL.

Sure, it’s just one server, but I figured it can’t be the only one.

But the question is do you guys NEED these consumables? Are they just making it easier on fights? Are you guys trying to get parsed runs?

I don’t think any consumables are required for most, if any, of the content.


I’m seeing the same thing, Lotus prices are down around 25-30% from the previous 2 weeks (from 160g down to 120-130g).

People are going for GFFPs instead, and those are around 12g (up from 7g previous weeks).

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flasks are not needed unless you are trying to push records or at late aq/naxx

This is the Classic game. Things are more difficult. We lead a hardscrabble existence. If you want something, if you think you really need it, then you will have to put in the time to get it somehow.

This, in part, is what made the Vanilla game great.

You want your epics? Go figure it out and quit asking Blizzard to make things easier for you.


The problem isn’t people aren’t willing to put in the time to farm. The problem is in many cases it doesn’t matter how much time you’re willing to put in, there aren’t enough resources for Blizzard’s mega servers.

How about they just make things “authentic” like they promised?


Well, a lot of people also felt the need to get dual gathering professions because they wanted to make more G this time around, which probably resulted in a shortage of people actually crafting.

This is a good point. A lot of people followed the plethora of youtube goldmaking and leveling guides, which led to the ‘spellcleave’ meta, and people dual-gathering and ignoring crafting. This is a player-created problem brought on by min-maxing and trying to be the very best, like no one ever was.

So the cause of resource scarcity is people harvesting too many resources? That doesn’t really seem to add up. :thinking:


You can always kill instanced elementals in BRD.

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Drop rate on those is about 1/4 what it is for Arathi. And you’ve got maybe 12 per run if you go all the way to Fineuous.

I thought everyone said classic was easy? Why would you need consumables for such a easy game?


I’ll give you a tip about consumables. You know that point when everyone raid logs because they are bored that the next raid hasn’t come out yet? That’s when you buy up everything you need and farm. If you try and do it when the raid comes out you’ll pay a premium.


I distinctly remember doing BWL in actual vanilla without all these consumables just fine.


This is very reactionary. Many players have been hanging onto mats because they knew they could charge. Once guilds move past the “progression” phase into the “farm” phase, the prices will drop. I don’t expect that to take long, seeing that many guilds cleared the content on their first try.

While not mentioned in the original posts, another reason for such inflated prices are due to our improved gold-farming methods.

  • Mages AoE grind the crap out of mobs and some instances, basically printing money
  • Folks figured out how to efficeintly farm Dire Maul for herbs and arcane crystals
  • Rogues pretty much own the Silithis caves on my server. One of my guildies is probably sitting on 100+ arcane crystals by now
  • Folks park in Silithis for the elemental invasions, and harvest essences all the time. You can also hit up particular dungeons for other essences, too

Are resources contested? Absolutely. Are particular classes better at farming them than others? Sure. Is it something we really need to worry about? Probably not.

they prevent others from gathering by spam gathering.
and then sell on AH for high price.
But it’s not just one person doing such a thing, making all items pretty scarce. So I need to farming loot to sell for gold because I can’t compete with collecting scarce items. Is it better now?