Consecration "incorrectly" counts as a debuff

In recent raids my Warlocks had noticed that their corruption was getting knocked off by something but we were unsure what. A couple of weeks ago a few of us starting looking into logs and there seemed to be instances where consecrate was timing up with a corruption falling off the boss.

Today the same thing happened, and after checking the fight logs and manually adding up the debuffs it appears that consecrate is actually counting towards the debuff slot limit.

I can’t link the logs here, but in this instance we’re only 10 seconds into the fights and only have 16 potential debuffs on the boss

Curse of Shadows
Hunters Mark
Curse of Elements
Judgement of Light
Shadow Vulnerability (5)
Curse of Recklessness
Mind Flay
Mind Flay
Winters Chill (4)
Sunder Armor (3)
Judgement of Wisdom
Faerie Fire
Consecration 1?
Consecrate 2

As the second consecrate applies, one of the corruptions fades.

Consecration is taking up a debuff slot I have no idea if this is intended behaviour or not.

In Patch 1.9.0, it states the following in the Paladin section

Consecration - No longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.

No longer displays a debuff, may mean it still counts as an invisible debuff - Blizzard can you please test this on the reference client.


ok, let’s use this as the main consecration debuff bug repository since we now have screenshots and video evidence of it:


Consecration - No longer displays a debuff icon on targets in the area of effect.


AskalonToday at 12:34 PM

hmmm so is it just consecration that does that?

AskalonToday at 12:34 PM

takes up a debuff slot

KeftenkToday at 12:35 PM

dunno, could test hellfire i guess

AskalonToday at 12:35 PM

Consecration is one of the few non-channeled ticking aoe abilities in Classic

AskalonToday at 12:35 PM

so it probably works differently under the hood compared to other AoE spells that are channeled

KeftenkToday at 12:36 PM

i guess check Holy Nova? dunno

while youre checking Holy Nova, do the resistance testing for me pls

oh wait, Holy Nova isnt a dot either

dunno Consecration is just unique


HolyfrogToday at 12:37 PM

Is Flamestrike a dot? The effect it leaves behind

KeftenkToday at 12:38 PM

o, ye

HolyfrogToday at 12:39 PM

Should be possible to run the same test with that one then

AskalonToday at 12:39 PM


HolyfrogToday at 12:40 PM

Persistent Area Aura: Periodic Damage Value: 7 every 1 second (SP mod: 0.042)
Persistent Area Aura: Periodic Damage Value: 84 every 2 seconds (SP mod: 0.02)

KeftenkToday at 12:44 PM

so guess you could check it, yea

if FS doesnt do what Consecration does either 1 of 2 things is happening:

  1. Consecration debuff is a artifact from when they changed it, but not actually changing it to not be included on debuffs
  2. Its bugged

Now with the early 2020 arrival of BWL announcement, debuff slots will become more important.

As stated in this thread, Consecration is a good portion of our dps. Even in single target encounters.

It ticks every second for 8 seconds, and its duration is the same as its cooldown. It can potentionally be up for the entire combat and it will end up that way with further progression.

My question for a Blue is:

Is there a good reason for Consecration to be taking up debuff slots?

Might be how the game works since I believe Mage’s blizzard does this aswell. It would be unfortunate for all the dedicated Paladin raiders investing heavily into it. Who have performed well pulling their weight and have been fortunate enough to enjoy a Raid setting.

But it is what it is, hopefully this is perceived as a bug.

Thanks for reading.


Hey, can we get a blue post update on this problem?


Does Blizzard want to nerf the worst raiding spec even more? Consecrations accounts for 15% of my overall damage in MC. We need confirmation from Blizzard whether this is a bug or intended.


please address this, there’s a large silent community that are not speaking up but are anxiously waiting a blue reply here to find out if their struggling spec is viable or not.


If the patch notes state that it doesn’t show up as a debuff icon, then it shouldn’t be counted as one of the debuff slots. Please check the reference client to see if this, as well as flamestrike, is working as intended.


Blizzard needs to address this.

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Bump - would also like to know

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my only question for the blizzard devs - is if this bug is correctly fixed - would Consecration still be able to trigger spell effects such as the Wrath of Cenarius ring that is the quest reward from the Silithus AQ chain once phase 5 launches?

as laid out in this bug report from Lightshope which lays out that by the time 1.12 rolled out, all AoE effect ticks against all targets could trigger the ring’s +132 spell dmg proc:

### Periodics

* Current: Proc once on initial cast
* Correct: Most likely proc once on initial cast

> it can proc on any DoTs initial cast, but not on DoT ticks.

> this includes DoT’s(one from the debuff landing but not from the ticks)

> The ring has not yet proced of a DOT tick. Being an afflcition warlock I think I can say that it will not proc of a DOT tick, even COA.

### Channeled Direct

* Current: Proc on each tick but not on initial cast
* Correct: Proc on each tick, unsure if initial cast should

> yes on individual ticks… meaning ive had it proc on the third missile and so on.

### AoE Direct

* Current: Procs once on initial cast, even if no targets are hit. Procs once again on spell hit, regardless of how many targets are hit.
* Correct: Shouldn’t proc on initial cast. Most likely should proc on every target.

> it does proc often off aoes… just about every other iae or blastwave of multiple targets…

### AoE Channeled

* Current: Procs once on initial cast, even if no targets are hit. Procs again on every damage dealt.
* Correct: Shouldn’t proc on initial cast. Unsure if it should proc on all damage dealt or only once per target.

> procs A TON when I use AE on the trash mobs
> multiple proc chance while AoE’ing sevral targets

> -it rocks for aoe’ing… the more targets you aoe, the more proc you’ll see.

Similarly, would Consecration’s first tick still be able to stop a flag capture in PvP as well if this bug were fixed?

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Really hope to see an official response to this. There are many people putting in tons of research and effort to optimize this class. If Consecration is “taken” from us…A lot of it will go to waste, all for something that may or may not be a bug.


It’s been a few weeks now and this issue has been severely impacting raiding ret paladins everywhere. Please can we get an update on this from Blizzard?


Still waiting for an acknowledgement on how this is supposed to work in 1.12


As a raid leader responsible for deciding what debuffs are allowed on a target, I feel this issue MUST have a blue response. Do not sweep this under the rug!!


This is especially tough because Corruption is very important for SM/Ruin locks, procs of Nightfall are a huge part of their DPS. It’s bad enough that there are so few debuff slots available, for it to get knocked off by Consecration is a big blow to that warlock spec.

Yes, we have double the slots right now but so many people still throw up far too many inconsequential debuffs without knowing they are knocking off important ones. It doesn’t help that many weapon and spell procs also put up debuffs that can push important effects off the boss.


Judgement of the Crusader & Sanctity Aura are very important for Retribution players but we forfeit them for the raid. A good portion of our DPS is lost from that.

Now we make that same decision to cease Consecration(because of the newly discovered elimination of debuffs on cast) but it feels bad because there is no benefit to forfeiting Cons versus the other auras/judgements we trade off already.

That is why this thread exists. They all want to know if there is indeed a good reason for Consecration to be invisible on the debuff list and still be taking up a debuff slot.


Can we please just get an acknowledgement post from a Blue saying they see this thread and are going to check it out? Anything would be better than silence. This really needs to get resolved in the coming months before BWL’s release unless this is intended behavior, in which case it would be really good to know ASAP.


Still no response from a blue?

Is this going to be addressed at any point? Consc never counted as a raid debuff before and never knocked off existing debuffs in vanilla. Why is this happening?