Connectivity Issues

Lets make the question simple, is there a list of blizzard ip addresses that I can whitelist on my router?

I am having issues with connectivity being randomly being blocked. I am currently running a Ubiquiti Dream Machine Pro with the IDS/IPS system turne don. I am receiving alerts that possible attacks were prevented by the IP address while playing wow. Looking this IP address up on google, I found that it belonged to blizzard. This infomred me that blizzard also has - registered.

I am still researching my logs to see ‘what’ suspicious activity was blocked by my IPS.

Further research from the logs. It appears my UDM is blocking a “ET MALWARE Netwire RAT Checkin” trojan. Since this is a false positive I would still like to know the original question so I can whitelist blizzard’s ip ranges.


No. Divulging their entire IP range makes them more susceptible to DDoS. The IP you’re referencing is the authentication server.