<CONFLUX> 2/10M Recruiting for 9.1 [Wed/Thurs]

Times: Wed/Thur Progression Raid | 8:30pm - 11:00pm est (server)

2 Day raiding.
The group style is quality play. Currently farming while we try to recruit more damage players for Mythic raiding. Logs are a focus in this group.

Our group started progression this tier with ambitions to grow. We successfully recruited a team of +10 members to take down heroic content with ease. Now we look forward to Mythic difficulty. Help us overcome the recruitment boss and secure your DPS seat today in this upcoming ranking guild.

BNET: Default#11899
2/10 M
10/10 H
warcraftlogs .com/guild/calendar/596364/


  • Blue/Green Parses in current tier [by ilvl or overall]
  • +200 ilvl
  • 190 legendary minimum

2 / 2 Tanks
3 / 4 Healers
7 / 14 DPS

Example Heroic Sire Kill Video

Led by Heckindots - this team is a core of Midwest-USA players with newer members scattered along the east coast. Our tactics are mostly,

  • Attempts before critiquing and rants.
  • Highlighting those who do well.
  • Encouraging and assisting others to improve performance.

We will be recruiting past 20 members to alleviate attendance hindrances to team progress. Being on the bench during a kill isn’t fun. I will always get those who were out in for the next kill, as a promise to your commitment to the team’s progress.

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Looking for more :slight_smile:

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Looking for some more.

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All around the country and coast to coast
People always say what do you like most?
I don’t wanna brag I don’t wanna boast
I always tell 'em I like toast

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Hello, consider joining pls. Ty.

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Heroic Sludgefist is dead.

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Stone Generals are ded. AOTC then mythic.

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There is a bomb in the soup.

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Bump for some more friends.

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What the french toast lets get some bodies

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Need the deeps.
Really deep inside the guild.

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H on farm booyah.

Everyone get in here and kill some mythic bosses

Looking for absolute chads.

Need more players!

To the top we go,
Mythic Raids full of ego,
We all just chill bros.

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In haiku no less, how sweet
You must also, wipe feet.

Dumpin a bump.

Back to teh top of the list. Looking for more Damage!
Lets quickly get 4/10M ! Come join us for next week.

Heroic Skip tonight and some Mythic Pugging