Confirmed dh

I think has to be the worst for arenas atm. Thoughts?


not even close


Ha, good one

I will gladly take some of your kit as a WW.


Lmao no way you actually think this.

Maybe not vs casters but into melee cleaves its nuts. Feels like once they connect im at 50% with blur up. Maybe im doing something wrong

I love WW toolkit. Karma, rop, port. I dont get me wrong DHs has great CC and damage but def a glass cannon.

Dhs in shambles they can’t walk in, press 123, use all their cooldowns randomly, and autowin


This coming from a pally. lol

WW is in a good place I think. I think Detox should be baseline though, as games I spec out of Strength of Spirit, my survivability takes a hit and I can feel it. Expel+Vivify = Feral Regrowth there-abouts. So without it, the survivability is crap. Maybe make Karma a 1 min CD down from 1.5 min- (its gone in 2 hits anyways lol). Overall WW is doing okay I think.

He’s an hpal though, not a ret. xd

It’s not a maybe.


Haaaa ha ha ha thanks for that laugh, that was a good one, but yeah Buff DH, DK, anything ranged Hunter, Warlock, rogues, mage, aaand Warrior plz

Ah yes the spec designed around self-healing and resetting fights casting heals for less than 6% of its health, dampen harm still being bugged after a decade, drinking horn still being unnecessarily disabled, fort brew starting at 6 mins and if you go for the one that gives dodge/armor sith the armor increase being a whopping 3% decrease from physical, and one mess of a spec tree.

Such a great spot

Kite more, throw more glaives.

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LOL no not at all

says the ret pally, this week…

I’m not a ret paladin however I would be ashamed to show my face on the forums let alone call people out if I was 400 rounds deep into the 1700 bracket on demon hunter

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My main is a monk. I mean dont get me wrong things could be better. But i like the spec a lot.

Honestly i think thats what it is. I dont like the play style of this build and i should be kiting more.