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I’d like for a different customer service representative to respond to this rather than Vrakthris, because purely off the thread that was just locked by him, with absolutely no proof or reasoning by said CS representative for any of his claims regarding how things are handled, this seems rather heavy handed and insulting to the community.

As a group, I guarentee that everyone in that thread can come together WITH proof to refute your claims about how things are done, and have been done in recent times.

And yet you say things such as “Reports are reviewed by Moderators”, which is most likely true to a degree, but you don’t give the specifics. I’ve had posts bombed that did NOT break TOS, and I can directly bring out the TOS to prove it. While yes, I’ve definently said things that have warranted a thread being removed, or my account temporarily suspended from the forums, it doesn’t justly state they were reviewed adequately by a human.

And then to follow up by saying that people mask things through specifically coded language, and that’s the reason things are removed is ambiguous at best. Because now you’re placing restrictions on people who have been raised in different societies and cultures. Yes, Blizzard is allowed to do whatever they want for whatever reason they want as this is their IP, but there’s a certain level of respect needed to be provided to the community, and we’ve had nothing but disrespect from this company, rather through the gameplay itself or through the lack of controlled moderation on both forums and in game (mass reports = banning people, don’t try to argue this one as we all know that’s a big problem these last few years.)

Quite a few of us are very peeved with Blizzard purely off the fact we receive heavy handed backlash from Mods/Blizzard/Forum Bots because certain players abuse a system. And yes, I’m talking specifically about a certain enhance shaman we do not like (Which also borders into legal territory as some of the things he has said is vile, but that is not Blizzard’s jurisdiction to handle), whom is abusing the system and not being punished for it.

I just thought I’d copy this statement from Vrakthris in the other thread, which just points out the reasons that you guys say nothing with absolutely 0 empathy towards your community, yet expect us to bend head over heel for you and just accept the punishments is ridiculous.

So yes, any other customer service representative please do respond. It’d be extremely disingenuous to allow Vrakthris to either close this thread immediately, or respond at all before someone else has any opportunity to speak up first, as this is ridiculous.


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We already do that.

I’m not certain who you are referring to but in my experience the majority of the folks that people assume are doing that, aren’t.

Reports are reviewed by Moderators, so if those reports resulted in a penalty, then it was verified by the moderator.

Eh, that isn’t entirely accurate. A lot of posts that people believe are okay aren’t. They often contain masked language or name calling, both prohibited by the Forum Code of Conduct.

As I said, name calling.

I think we’re done here, I don’t want to give the mods more to do by allowing this to remain open.

The fact this thread was closed within 3 minutes is crazy to me.

Edit: And this is just making my point Vrakthris, that you couldn’t even give me the service of allowing a second person to answer in your place, and give me their genuine response without your interference. In no way am I insulting you, but you PRing this the way you do is unbelievably pathetic. We pay for this game, want genuine answers, and you can’t even let THAT happen before INSTANTLY LOCKING A THREAD THAT DOES NOT BREAK TOS. It’s crazy to me that I’ve had better customer service from a McDonald’s worker that doesn’t even care about their minimum wage job. If that’s how you treat people wanting genuine answers, then this is the first time I’ll ever say that someone should lose their job, because you are doing such a disservice to the people who pay for this product, and are being GENUINE in their questions that was GENUINE answers.

Edit 2 since you locked it again:

You understand that I can prove you wrong, along with 80% of the people in the other thread, with literal evidence of this stuff, yet you say its an assumption without evidence? You act like I just made this post without thinking first.

My thread, that you have closed within 3 minutes of it being made, is in concerns regarding YOUR customer service as a representative of Blizzard. You even admitted yourself that there was another person who could’ve responded, yet you took it on yourself to not even allow me the opportunity to speak to someone else because you are ego tripping. I was not apart of the other thread. You are basing assumptions without evidence that I am apart of that thread.

You’re absolutely right that I won’t accept your answers, as you lack basic customer service skills that should’ve been taught to you, as I asked for someone else, who YOU even said could’ve been Orlyia, to respond. You have failed in your basic representation and I am actually disgusted that you can’t even provide the bare minimum without ego tripping on me.


Sorry, but it seems you may believe that you are spoiled for choice when it comes to those who work this forum. While we have others that may post on occasion, the majority of the responses that may be made here are either me or Orlyia.

Without providing account specific information regarding other players, which would never happen, we’d not be able to provide “proof”.

Yes, but to what end? On several occasions I have personally disputed allegations that someone was sockpuppeting or otherwise using alt characters/accounts. It hasn’t done much good. Those who believe me tend to believe me because they know my history and that have seen over the 18 years that I have been here, that I am honest and sincere in my replies. That I try to be as transparent as I can be, and even state when I an limited in what I can say. Those who do not believe me are likely only to be believe me if they can look behind the curtain and that isn’t happening.

Regardless of how many reports a post may have been “bombed” with, the only thing those reports can do is temporarily hide a post until it is reviewed by a moderator. The reports themselves do not delete the post or penalize the poster.

You may disagree with why a post is removed or a penalty applied, but that isn’t your call, it’s ours. You are welcome to dispute the action taken by putting in a ticket under the Forum Appeal category and it will be reviewed, but at the end of the day, the final decision is ours.

I think you misunderstand what masked language is. It is simply profanity that is altered in such a way that allows it to get through the profanity restrictions. Using a V instead of a U for instance or using #$#$ or alternate word in place of a profane word, or using an acronym where at least one of the letters stands for an inappropriate word.

Sorry, but again, you are making an assumption without any evidence. Unless you can see the reports, you do not know who has reported a post. We can. We’re not blind, we notice when certain people or topics receive a bunch of reports, and we look into suspect reports. We have a tools are out disposal to help with that verification.

Technically speaking, Raisin, creating a new thread when the original was closed, violates our policies.

In moderating we often will close threads or delete posts that we feel may cause issues. They may not strictly be considered a violation of our Forum Code of Conduct that would warrant a penalty, but it still might be deemed necessary to close or remove them. Yours was left up so I could answer you, during my off hours mind you as I stopped working 6 hours ago.

I’m sorry that you seem not to be willing to accept my answers, but I can assure you that mine is likely the most transparent response you will receive.