Complaint of a false report on a post

Id like to file a complaint of a false post i made about how plunderstorm wasnt good it was reported trolling and it was removed which in fact was not true many people agreed to my post and a few made false reports on it

Forum posts are deleted based on their content.

If a post is found in violation of our Code of Conduct, Forum Moderators will remove it or the thread it is on. If you would like to appeal this action, please submit a ticket.


Just to touch on this. You not agreeing with their report does not make it “false”. Players are allowed to report any post (or in-game chat/spam/botting/etc) they feel violates the rules. They are not required to give a reason (beyond the general category), they are not required to give any proof, they are not even required to be correct that it is a violation.

In the end, Blizzard makes up their own mind about a post, and beyond a spam squelch (in-game) or a post being temporarily hidden (forums), this is a manual process. The number of reports does not affect their judgment; a higher number of reports can simply bring it to their attention faster.

If they removed your post, they felt it was a violation of the rules. You can ask them to review it, but their decision is unlikely (not impossible) to change.


A flag/report is just a player saying “I think a moderator should take a look at this”.

By that definition: it is impossible to flag a false report.


It may not be the original post that causes a thread to be removed. If enough of the other posts in the thread need moderation the Mod might remove the thread rather than edit/delete individual posts.


Expanding on this, mods may elect to delete replies if they are in any way connected to a derailed portion of a thread. It does not mean that your deleted reply was wrong or violated any rules but can be seen by the mod as having contributed or potentially contributed to an irrelevant or unproductive discussion which may prompt them to remove it.

If you weren’t given a warning or punished in any way for it, then you don’t need to worry much about the post. It occasionally happens to all of us on this forum.


This really isn’t the place for this, but let me try to provide some clarification on moderation if I can.

Players may report a post if they feel it may violate policy and while they may be wrong in their assessment, it isn’t considered a “false report”. The only thing that may happen when a post is reported is it may be temporarily hidden and marked for review. From that point it is entirely up to the moderation team to determine if the post violates policy or otherwise requires moderation.

If someone abuses the reporting system by using multiple characters or accounts to report a post, that is usually recognized and dealt with to discourage further such abuse.

So, if a thread is found to violate our Forum Code of Conduct a penalty may be applied to the posting account and the post/thread deleted or otherwise edited.

However, there are other reasons why a thread may be removed. As mentioned, if the thread gets derailed or otherwise devolves, the moderation team will usually attempt to remove those comments to get it back on track, but often the derailing discussion becomes too pervasive and it is best to close or remove the entire thread.

A thread also may be removed if there are many other threads on the same subject, as there is easily with the Plunderstorm threads currently. A thread may also be removed, without penalty, if the title and/or initial post is judged unproductive.

The thread that was recently deleted was simply unproductive along with being one of many existing threads. If you have feedback on the event, it would be best to join one of the existing threads, or even the original comment thread which announced the event.

I hope that helps.