[Community Council]Addition of tags to thread topics

Members of the Community Council are proud to present Safeguard and Noa’s Tagging Guide, an update to our forum posts.

We’re introducing tags in our titles to help identify threads and hopefully allow easier navigation through the forums. We will try to limit our tags for your mobile viewing pleasure. General categories in no particular order:

Safeguard and Noa’s Tagging Guide:

[Community Council]








[Open World] edit - aligning with Cyrios



[Pet Battles]


[Class] - > [Hunter] or [Druid] as an example



[Customization] edit - added by Safeguard

[Leveling] edit - added by Safeguard

[Currency] edit - added by Cyrios

[System] edit - added by Lochton

[Classic] edit - added by community member Despitebeing

If you believe we’ve overlooked a category, would like one added or modified, please let us know so we can keep this list updated accordingly. Thank you and happy reading!


Hi, it’s me!

Two tags that were forgotten when I looked over my own threads and added tags for them:


Hopefully this makes the CC forums a bit easier to navigate for all forum members!

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May I make additions?

[System]: Like the need for settings to be changed, or added, etc.


Isn’t the PVE tag kind of a waste of a tag if there are tags for every subsection of PVE?

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I have to agree, as the [PvE] tag is covered with [Raid], [Open World], [Dungeons], and [Scenarios].

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If the tags work for other members of the council by all means use them.
I think it’s a bit redundant as generaly every thread I see going back months can be discerned just by reading the title text.