Community Council won't change ANYTHING

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Spot on, Kaleaon.

Spot on.

The sad part is, they seem to confuse any effort with great effort, especially with some of the so called “content” that’s been pushed live in recent expansions.

Honestly, I’m really not sure. I haven’t played much of FFXIV, but what I did play, I really truly did enjoy that the game was story-centric with good pacing and compelling story and good PvE content that reinforced that. I think WoW had that for a while, but slippery sloped into something grotesque that made story and the metastory second to gameplay. But really- can you name a game that is genuinely GOOD that you fiercely enjoyed that didn’t have a good story? (Where applicable- I mean hey, even in Super Mario you had the clear goal of rescuing Peach…) The story should be the steering wheel with content being the gas pedal to back it up.

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I’ll be fair here. I read your postings in the council and outside it here on the forums. I think the posting with the “MT is sweet” failed due several topics revolving around “MG is harder then the original”, it felt tone-deaf and like an Ion fanboy posting.

The community doesn’t go against people if they are with you. You need to be one of them to have their back.


I literally have been making threads since October 2005 to try and get Blizzard to both take WoW seriously and to try and get them to do just that and never let go, never slip from it, and to always, and I do mean always, do their best and have and keep a vision for WoW.

It’s like they confuse any effort with their best effort. And I don’t get that…

By all means, to anyone, have any of you ever seen Blizzard actually try and do their best with any content patch? Expansion, patch, or anything?

No character throughout the game is ever consistent. The story always plays second fiddle to game play. The story could instead BE the game play, the why we’re here.

And yet, all it seems is a constant push of whatever Blizzard decides is going to go live.

And damn anything else, including tacking the game nor changing the sacred vision, because apparently any and all customers are worth losing rather than changing from the sacred vision on Blizzard’s part.

Even is the sacred vision is just their making it up as they go along, any kind of user manual or game design tool kit absence be damned…

not sure what ur talking bout never posted about mage tower being sweet. I think recycled content is boring

I’m referring to this posting:

Mage tower is hard and its sweet. Probably the highlight of 9.1.5 for sure but its weird that its not available all the time.

It felt somewhat offensive while most people were discussing if it’s overtuned (and with the recent acknowledgement and more people coming forward that the developers changed it just before the release, it apparently is).

You need to be more in line what the community thinks, otherwise they will eat you alive. I think what most people want to see from the Council aren’t bootlickers but actual people who will bring the often discussed topics to the developers directly.

On the other side, what I personally missed from you Council members, is an introduction posting where write about about your preferred WoW playstyle, what you do, what you don’t and so on. It helps the rest to pick their “right people” to get engaged with.


oh i did say that but yeah its still boring considering its the only thing for the whole patch

I really cared about the direction of a game once.

When I noticed some cracks forming and spoke up I felt suddenly like I was an outsider and all my complaints didn’t seem to be anyone else’s… they were all so content with everything going on and that just made me so frustrated.

The longer things went on the more jaded I became until I started to hate the playerbase itself, it was their fault after all for prioritizing the wrong things! I became such an angry sort…

In the end though I just let go. If everyones having a good time and I’m to odd one out I should just find a place that suits me better, a game that’s going in the direction I want.

I still do get kinda grumpy about XiV fans but thats not my circus anymore, just have to keep reminding myself.

The Council is there to speak its independent thoughts from those who are selected. Not to simply just cut and paste rants from the general forum. One of the reasons they are choosing various people and play styles so they can get it from their point of perspective.

Some of you may not agree with what they have to say, but it’s their own feelings on the game and how they see it from their end.


Oh there’s a forum tag.

That’s hilarious.

Well we have to know when we’re talking to our betters.

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The 9.1.5 patch doesn’t count in the eyes of the community because it’s a simple “please don’t leave us”-attempt to keep the players engaged. And then the patch is also flawed by removing stuff without giving an explanation. There are so many requests open that it is absolutely mind blowing why they haven’t addressed them by now.

At the moment I have no faith in the council and the developers. Everyone with passion would have already done something way sooner and better. Let’s see what 9.2.5 brings and if they have truly learned from their mistakes.


Like when it took 6+ months to even begin to address server issues in Classic?

No, I did not lose MVP status. The form permissions and attributes are set by group. Moving me to the cc group gave me posting permissions but does not have colored text. To fix it they will have to probably make a new group with cc permissions and MVP text attributes. A custom group is not a top forum priority ATM I suspect.

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Well of course they are probably looking to keep people out of the “council” who might be dogging in the game. I’d be rejected in a heartbeat because I’ve not been nice about the state of the game, it’s horrid atm.

Sometimes I just wonder if it’s me or the game. I Just have serious burn out, to where if I log in, I just log back out in less than 5 mins. There is a lot to do, but it feels so hollow.

Glad Halo is out right now, the multi player is fun, the campaign is amazing so far, and the company actually feels like it cares about its product (micro transactions are trash… but that’s about the only fault I find so far.)

I love that 343 industries actually listened to the Halo Fandom, and had halo return to its roots. Halo 5 had mixed reception, but they really have done some amazing work.

This %100.

Think about it. Think about ALL of the bullet pointed feedback we had for blizzard prior to shadowlands that they asked for.

They didnt read it.


It seems pretty open ended. So, it seems like the possibilities are pretty great.

I think there’d be something to be worried about if Blizzard hadn’t shown over the last year or three, that they’re very willing to listen to players of all stripes. Besides it’s still new, let it catch on and fail before you complain about it supposedly failing. :slight_smile:

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I’m not even a little triggered :frowning:

yes well you are sort of biased now aren’t you

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you can already see based on the posts and the people they have selected nothing will change. If they wanted real change some of those people would never have been selected because they rarely post on this forum at all to talk about the actual game.

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