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To be honest so far i have had no issues with most of the topic you all in there have done . However I do have an issue that for the most part out side of the introduce your self thread there really hasn’t been any Blue responses.

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Yes, you are obligated.

I think that’s what we all want. Too bad so many of them are argumentative instead of receptive. This entire thing was poorly executed and I’m very confused by the people that were picked.

Also, to clear this up, I never applied because I didn’t want the responsibility. I’m not jealous of anything - I’m trying to encourage the posters that are allowed there to use their voice for good instead of evil.

I understand this thread got way longer than expected so you probably missed it, but that was pointed out yesterday. I was unware of the EU players needing to do that.

Oh God… please no… lol

I’ve noticed this as well. There is no communication between blues and council members there, either. It’s very… strange.

There are SO many low level alts though. Does this mean most are EU players?

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This is what I was afraid of. Being on the community council means you represent the community, not yourself. Yes you speak on what you know of, but based on feedback etc that the community gives. At least this is how it should work, but doesn’t seem to be what is going to happen.

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I have it on good faith this is for two reasons. One they aren’t done sending out invites and two, the forums in it’s current state aren’t even a finished product.

I can acknowledge that I’m not obligated to speak for anyone but myself and still make my best effort to speak for the greater feedback of the community instead of accidentally furthering my own agendas and viewpoints. See here:

How are you not obligated to speak for anyone but yourself? The goal of the community council was to be a better way to streamline and vet ideas and get them to Devs. So you are obligated. A community council is just that, a council that represents the community. There is no in between here. Otherwise this doesn’t work.

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I was chosen to give my opinion and feedback based on my own personal experiences. Past that, I’ve received little to no guidance or direction but the open sandbox that is the CC forums. I’ve chosen to try to consult the communities that I’m directly involved in to get a better grasp on the general opinion of things, but if other council folk just want to speak on strictly what they have personally experienced and perceived then they’re within their right to do so.

So the community council is just going to be a punch of people pushing personal agendas based of off ideas from their own communities or experiences? You shouldn’t need to be given direction. The said what the council was for, and community council itself has a meaning. It doesn’t mean what you just said. This is what I was honestly afraid of. People get on the council, don’t know what a community council is or represents, and then proceed to ignore a large amount of the player base and only really interact with the same people they always do.

I have literally no idea what people are going to do. Nobody does. I can only speak for myself and hope and assume others do the right thing (which is what I have overwhelmingly seen other CC folk doing. Lots of productive talk going on between people and the communities they’re interested in.)

Ah if you signed up for the counsel, you had to expect things like harassment etc may happen. Welcome to the internet. Does it mean it should happen? No. But you should have been prepared for it. It’s a sad part of reality these days and not everyone is going to agree with you or that you were picked for the council. Just how it is.

Maybe go with, Who are you?, or I’ve never heard of you… You could also go with, Your /played is how much!, or simply WoW Players Anonymous, considering they’re posting on alts and they’re probably addicts.

Edit: The WPA for short.

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Yeah of course, I fully anticipated being harassed and bothered. I’m not complaining that it happened; I’d be far more surprised if it didn’t happen. I’ve existed as a female on the internet for the overwhelming majority of my life, so harassment and aggression is definitely something that I’m used to. (xbox live lobbies circa 2010 anyone? :stuck_out_tongue: ) It is what it is.

People are more than welcome to agree or disagree with me, my main concern is accurately representing the playstyle of people that align with my own and staying out of discussions about playstyles that aren’t my own.

Honestly I have no idea why or how I was picked. I’m a nobody just like everyone else; idk, maybe they wanted that. I’m just taking what I was given and running with it. :man_shrugging:

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Having “nobody’s” picked I think is a good thing or part of the point. But the problem I am seeing is people signed up, got picked and didn’t know what they were signing up for it seems.

Yeah, I hear you there. I think I’d personally give it a little bit more time for invites to fully roll out and more people to speak their piece before really solidifying an opinion. What I can say is that I haven’t met a single CC member yet that I think doesn’t belong or is saying the entirely wrong thing and I really hope that’s a trend that continues :slight_smile:

Honestly, this this why no one interacts with this forum. Because they’re going to blame you for things, regardless. I mean, another thread literally said it’s okay and justified to be hostile towards the council.

I’m glad you’re trying to communicate here. I have a lot of respect for that. But I feel it’s a waste of your efforts. People are just going to find any reason they can to hate the council. :confused:


The entire council thing is more likely than not a waste of my efforts altogether, let alone just talking to people in threads like this. But oh well, I don’t have to defend myself to anyone, I’m going to just keep doing my thing and keep steady on my prime goal which is just data collection. :slight_smile: I hope the council thing proves itself to be worthwhile over time.


lol what a joke - so basically what is going to happen is you people leech other people’s ideas and then claim them as your own.

Also if blizzard set up a discord for you why were two other people advertising their own discords in that section - something seems real odd there.

I went through just to check that out and only 8 that I can tell are EU alts and the other 16 I counted were from NA servers .
(THis is from the Introduce Yourself thread)

Now to be honest it does look like the EU players are the most active in making topics. Hopefully we will see more from the NA players soon.

I don’t hate the council. This is a n issue to. Criticism is going to be take as personal attacks. If people don’t agree with something it’s going to be taken as personal attacks. I don’t have anything against Basil. But the councils goal was explained during the video and the write of what it was suppose to be. They shouldn’t being trying to communicate. It’s literally there job to interact and represent the community.