Community Council is just a PR move

Keep in mind, given the size of the threads (I mean by the gods the San’layn one got 10k posts), this will take a while. Especially with me being out of the house for 12hrs a day.


Also keep in mind, it is the job of the CMs to collect feedback for the Devs and present the major topics to them in weekly reports/meetings. They get paid for it, not us. Most any big thread or hot topic has already gone to Blizz. What is lacking is any response from Blizz on it. You don’t have to summarize the whole races discussion overall. You can just post your own take maybe and link the reference threads.

Or not, up to you. Just don’t want you to have to write a research paper if that is not your thing.


By no means am I asking for a research paper either. Please, you don’t have to bend over backwards. I personally just wanted to pass the info along to the community council, that playable races and customization is still a big topic and

is discouraging.

A reinterated “Hey, there is interest in this -insert thread links here-” would be more than enough. (I already did the hard work on the Sethrak one. I wrote that thread. )

No matter, I greatly appreciate it.


Well, they have this forum which is nearly always ignored. Theres a Reddit, but god forbid they don’t like your view, it gets deleted while you read someone elses trash post.

I can’t imagine how a council will help, unless they are hoping someone will just point them to the forum and deleted Reddit posts.

So a person has a bar and they hire a cover band to come and play there. This brings people in and the owner is happy! More and more customers come but the band hasn’t changed their set in a while, so customers start to complain. In an effort to make things better, they tell the band to play some popular songs that they’ve heard other bands play. The band isn’t happy about this but plays the songs the best they can. New customers are still coming in but the complaints have become more than the owner can handle! WAIT! The band solved the problem at the beginning! So the owner starts listening to what the band says to do but customers start leaving. More changes happen to suit the cover band and NOT the customers so more and more leave until the owner starts to flail around like a fish on the deck on what to do… This is the story of everything Warcraft.

The elites/streamers etc… were the cover band and the owners NEVER should have catered to them. They might know how to play music but that doesn’t mean they know a thing about how to write it! ESport was meant as a marketing stream, not a game design mode.

What they really need to do is research on why people left and what should be changed to get them back.

This council will be full of people who mostly like the game the way it is. There will be mostly high achievers, because those are the players who get respect. They can’t give opinions on behalf of players who have left and are no longer playing the game.

You just described everything happening in wow with such a great analogy :slight_smile:

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Kind of sums up what I said in anther thread when someone was talking like the council should only be focusing on current issues and not on the future of the game.

Any current issues have been fixed with the 9.1.5 patch , are being worked on behind the scenes for future implantation or will not be fixed because Blizz is comfortable with where they are .

Actually there are quite a few threads critical of things currently in the game like the borrowed power systems.

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Let me know when they come up with fresh, new ideas that have never come up on the forums before.

I see that’s what you think. You haven’t seen it all.

I actually wouldn’t consider her much of a long time GD poster. Aside from this more active spat after the CC was announced, they have probably made less than 10 posts in GD this year.

What I see happening down the road when changes players want not being made, the council members are gonna get the blame. I seen this happen in another game I use to play that had a players council. All it did was cause more havoc on there forums & certain players getting blamed for things they had no control over.

Blizzard already has the private invite only forum, for like a decade if I remember correctly.
This is 100% just a PR stunt.

It will be interesting to see what their response (or complete lack of response most likely) would be if the council gets completely behind ideas like “Get rid of Pay to Win and Timegating”.

It will also be interesting to see Blizzards response when the internet starts blaming the council members for the game’s various failings and attacking them like the internet has proven over and over they are very willing to do.

I’m sure this will all implode quite spectacularly in true Blizzard fashion. If only someone had said this beforehand to warn them… :roll_eyes:

Apparently there is now also class/spec suggestions in the CC forum, which I’m fairly certain does not come from what the community wants. Part of what I don’t think CC is going to work is posts like this… if the idea is that CC members will present the player base. Posts like this and the stupid one suggesting a 4th spec for shaman really just show CC forum is really just an invite only general forum, and a PR stun.


Actually it isn’t and the top players in the world already have direct communication with Blizzard devs, especially with regards to raiding/testing.

They don’t need to be on a council

Maybe you are right ,maybe i am but it will never be confirmed . But if CC is good or not will be so we should just wait and watch what happens :slight_smile: . If something good happens then i m sorry i assumed too much if something bad happen than its not community council its just another council or AKA smokescreen .

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Can we get a CC thread about store mounts and store transmog.

Yes they are mostly ideas people have come up with but if they are in section where the devs might actually look unlike here in GD ,then I’m not going to complain .

I don’t exactly know what the community council is supposed to do. I think a lot of people assume they exist to pat themselves on the back, advertise their streams and to be yes-men. I don’t think those things are happening, what we have are a lot of suggestion threads and “these things are problems” threads, and I think that’s closer to what they’re supposed to be doing.

I have a feeling that the councils existence is to prevent large backlash waves from the community from things that people simply hate, or learn to hate. So they give the urgent feedback and big issues get solved faster. I’m assuming this is what they’re supposed to be doing, and it kind of looks like they will get that job done, at least during content patches.

Who knows that’s just my impression, and I haven’t looked into it a lot so I could be way off.

I have three problems with the community council:

a) if it’s supposed to represent the community, all members should’ve been voted into the council by the community via votes

b) its creation deflects from the fact the problem has never been that Blizz doesn’t have access to enough feedback but that they don’t listen to the feedback/change things based on the feedback (or only do so after half a year.) We don’t know if that’s because QA and player support do not do their job of passing on important feedback to the devs and designers (which I’ll boldly assume is part of what they’re supposed to do) or if they do it but the devs and designers don’t listen - my personal guess is it’s the latter.

c) the work the people on the community council do or are supposed to do could be part of paid jobs and I’m not a fan of making people work for free.