Communication: Retail vs SoD

As I mainly play retail and only dabble sometimes in SoD, I can’t help but feel jealous about the communication SoD is getting version retail. I know it’s difficult to compare because of the sheer size that retail is, but the amount of communication, answers, insights, and changes for SoD is refreshing, and I can only question what is precisely the difference between both teams.

I hope the Retail communication side could one day be more like SoD, I’d especially be interested in a lot of design choices in Dragonflight and The War Within.


Have to second this, the “blue post trackers” have been full of SoD posts and bug fixes, retail has had a couple but it would be great to see retail reach the levels SoD current has for communication and bug fixes


The frequency and responsiveness on class tuning is night and day, virtually every week I see SoD get tuning changes, Dragonflight has routinely gone months between tuning. Why is this the case? It certainly is beginning to feel like if you have any wowhead news tracker that dragonflight is being handled internally as less important to focus on, perhaps this is a result of pre-production development on the war within and season 4, but that still doesn’t help how players feel NOW.


Doesn’t retail get the weekly if not more frequent WoW Hotfixes?
It feels communication on SoD is better because it is on tight release schedule. And the experimental nature of the season means changes are way bigger an unexpected.


I am not talking about hotfixes only however,

It’s all this.


SoD communication is what the retail team should strive to be like. Game is just left to rot while we pay them $15 a month for a stale game and radio silence until a new patch is dropped. Then we get a week, maybe 2, of changes and then they’re gone until the next patch.