Common RP locations

Just curious what common RP locations there are on Alliance and Horde on this server.

I’ve heard of Goldshire but its Inn is packed full and full of E-RP (bleh).

The Mage District and Lion’s Rest in Stormwind


Stormwind is the big obvious, Lakeshire & Darkshire get some regular traffic for RP and to a lesser degree Moon Brook.


Though they are not daily/random RP centric, there are several weekly RP gatherings in various other locations. The Rusty Nail in Tol Barad and the Undead Social in Silverpine for example.


Also the Cathedral district in Stormwind has plenty, Horde side RP is in Orgrimmar, Valley of Honor, but primarily RP is through guilds.

Pretty much all of Stormwind, with the exception of the Trade District, has some random RP. Some parts of the harbor are used for markets, such as the Stormwind Market on Monday evenings.

Horde has a much smaller walk-up scene, but you can expect to see people in the Valley of Honor in the afternoon and evenings, and especially if there is an event such as the Guild Expo or Orgrimmar Market on that evening.

Are there any common rp addons people use on the server? It’s been a few years since I played.

TRP3/MRP: Allows you a space to write a detailed character profile, and read the profiles of others.

TRP3 Extended: Tacks onto TRP3, allowing you to script rudimentary cut scenes, make items (that can be traded), create caches to be dropped in-game, and write books.

Listener/Snooper: Helps keep track of posts, scans dialogue of your name and pings you when you’re mentioned. Allows you to scroll over a toon and see their dialog responses.

UnlimitedChatMessage: Gets rid of thr character limit, allowing you to post paragraphs at a time. Very handy for emotes.

There are a few other ones like Narcisis (allows you to pose your character for pictures), which can be fun to mess around with, but also often can tank your computer when using them.

The ones listed are what I find to be almost necessary to RP smoothly in almost any environment, or to give an added dimension to the game.


CrossRP also allows you to see the other faction’s TRPs, which is handy.

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Emote Splitter does this as well and is more stable currently.


Stormwind is the main hub. You can find some RP in Lakeshire and Darkshire, too, on certain nights. Gilneas also has pockets of RP from time to time. Boralus, too, sometimes.

A couple of friends with me made new characters on Goldshire to be tourists and see what was what. The inn was a trip. Up by the cathedral seemed to be the more, uh, mundane RPers.

My experience was that everyone was looking for something to do. Since we had a small group, players began asking who we were, why the parade, where were we going? One of us had enough gold to buy cheap identical outfits from a vendor and we said that we were a cult – and we gained a following, would we perform a ritual?

I don’t do the RP stuff but there is a potential to have a lot of fun with some imagination.

Even if you’re not really into roleplaying, but you’d like to have a bit of once-off fun around the server, acting out scenes or doing something interesting - but not obnoxious and disruptive - is sure to draw a crowd.

There is someond who uses transmogs to make his characters look like warcraft versions of pop-culturecharacters, and you can find the Scooby Doo Gang, the Avengers or the Justice Leage around Stormwind sometimes.

There have been whole server legends forged just from tale of some random player jumping into a scene and giving it a try, or by just acting something out interesting that RPers can use for their own stories!

If you haven’t yet I’d invite you to join us over on the Coalition of the Horde discord server ( if you’re looking for Horde-side RP. The community is absolutely welcoming and full of wonderful people. Plus the server is a great resource for finding out where all the RP events are happening Horde side (there are plenty going on throughout the week).

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