Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

I don’t think GDKP is bad in itself if it’s in a vacuum with no RMT involved. The problem is that it’s impossible to keep RMT out of the equation so it creates a vector and demand for gold buying.

I am really interested to see what this ban does and if it doesn’t have the intended effect of reducing RMT/Botting I’ll be the first to admit it.

quote where I said that, This has not been something I have been at all posting about. I have made snide comments that they could do more but that’s it. I am aware of and support their anti botting and anti RMT choices. Read posts dude, you’re out of your depth here and missing clear statements people are making.

Blizz handles botters and RMT. It’s an uphill battle but they do. Please show me where I said anything that could be remotely related to what YOU think I said.

They were allowed but not supported. If you got scammed blizzard would not replace your gold/item. If they have done this for you then consider yourself lucky. Please check the CS forums for the threads of GDKP payouts catching people account suspensions.

No my initial observation of your victim complex is pretty apt.

If you read the whole post it’s clear that he believes that rogue was cheating and that the specific GDKP he was in likely had bought gold in it.

No loot methods besides in game rolling is supported by blizzard so that’s not really a compelling argument against GDKP’s.

The bottom line is, GDKP sent RMT to the moon, and now its banned.
If Blizz hard a hard time controlling bots in the past, I can only imagine the the difficulties they’re having at this rate.

Right there^. I then present observable facts and you deny. Pretty cut and dry here kid.

Blizzard does not restore items for any type of loot run ninja or otherwise, your argument is flawed as it is the same for non GDKP.

You still don’t know what a victim complex is and nothing I stated has anything to do with that mentality.

Are you seriously implying Blizzard is banning GDKP because they’ve been consumed by hate fueled by manipulated fears/anxieties about something they don’t understand?


Way to not read the post and pretend you did.

Bangdkps must have been really convincing.



I want you to read this and tell me how you think I am saying the exact opposite of what you are claiming I said, while being the one who claimed they don’t do anything.

YOU said they didn’t put effort in, I asked you to prove how you know that.

You are so mad about something that your reading comprehension is trash.

I’m seriously implying that Blizzard is banning GDKPs because of popular demand fueled by more vitriol than sense. Glinda’s post, however, sheds a bit more light on why Blizzard doesn’t more ruthlessly ban gold buying, which at least helps contextualize things.

And I gave you an example, LMAO, dude ironic you would talk about reading comprehension when you simply can’t do it yourself.

Then why don’t they perma ban gold buying/selling? Killing GDKP is attacking the symptoms not the disease. There are many legit GDKPer that never bought gold.


Claiming they do not do enough.


Asking you to prove how you know they do not do enough.


Entirely unrelated to me or what I said, in fact the exact opposite, asking you for proof of your claim

You need help dude.

The fact you can’t follow is seriously sad dude.

You’re very welcome.

Even a stopped clock is useful twice a day.

(You just have to know what time it is before you can tell when it’s useful.)


Literally feeling the same about you right now.

How you are so full of vitriol and anger that you can’t comprehend simple words boggles my mind.

Be better. Go outside.

Nobody cares about your faux-rationalization-attempt at RMT laundering.

GDKP is the worst thing that WoW has ever produced, and it should have never been allowed to exist in any capacity.

But, there’s no time like right now to fix the mistakes of the past. Purge GDKP.

See Glinda’s post earlier in the thread.

Seriously take you own advice, it’s very clear you have a deep rooted problem.