Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

Shutting off avenues to spend that gold is pushing back against RMT. I Know why you refuse to see this but that’s not important.

Easily verified. Saw someone claim it so I double checked it. There was a large drop after the announcement.

I didn’t state this, and this is the second time you have tried to pin those words I didn’t say on me. GDKP and RMT are associated, flat out the truth.

Should read how the account action system works please. Scaling punishments for multiple infractions over time. There are also a few CS posts about people catching full bans for receiving RMT gold via a GDKP payout.

I did claim this yes.

I see, so you once again decide to attribute attitudes and thoughts to me despite me not presenting those attitudes. I have no hatred for GDKP, I just agree with the choice as a way to push on RMT more than they have already. You can choose to be indignant and push insults at people all you want, but you can do it without me putting any more energy into your vitriol filled posting.


I deny that the two must be intrinsically tied, because of the reasons I’ve spelled out.
RMT was a problem before GDKPs.
RMT is a problem in games with nothing akin to GDKPs.
RMT will therefore most likely remain a problem without GDKPs.
If RMT disappeared forever tomorrow, people would still be happy to run GDKPs, because you’re guaranteed to see some reward for your time and effort.
Saying the two are undeniably connected is no different from saying the AH and GDKPs are undeniably connected - and they are, because people who buy gold are spending that gold in-game.
Is your solution to ban all player trading, or to ban RMT? Blizzard can clearly detect RMT, but they don’t ban gold buyers. That’s the problem, not GDKPs in and of themselves.


I haven’t done the quests and I have 310 gold almost exclusively from fishing.

I have several mailboxes full of level 26+ Items, Recipes, Potions, Mats that I will immediately put into the market when P2 launches.

Acting like it’s impossible to ethically farm large amounts of gold is just wrong, and if I want to spend that hard-earned gold in a GDKP I should be allowed to.

Ban the gold buyers. Enforce the TERMS OF SERVICE.


If you think shutting down avenues of gold spending is how to combat RMT, then all player trading should be banned, according to you.

All I have to go on is your word that there was a price drop, and I don’t care to visit shady sites.

You absolutely stated that implicitly and you know it. You said GDKPs drive RMT more than other avenues of player-traded gold. For that to be a true statement, RMT must not have been a huge issue prior to GDKPs or in games that don’t have them. This is not the case, so that point doesn’t track, unless I’m wildly misinterpreting the point you were trying to make, which is possible.

I attribute those attitudes to you because that’s all I see; endless vitriol from people who seem to think RMT would stop being an issue with the absence of GDKPs. I have no reason to believe you’re acting in good faith, but that may be because the forums have made me jaded and cynical. If that’s really not the case, then sure, I apologize.

If they really wanted to push against RMT, gold buying would result in a permaban upon detection, and GDKPs could continue being a good option for players who don’t like running raids week after week for nothing.


Assuming all that’s true. (Big if) You’re an outlier.

And I doubt with the amount of time you spent getting there that you’d through more than a 3rd of your net gold at a trinket for an alt 10 days before the next phase.

Also, how much gold does your alt have?

If you suspect you won’t be able to get groups next week, and therefore miss out on important pieces of gear and thereby get left behind, why wouldn’t you? That’s the problem with RNG-only loot; it’s exploitive and keeps players coming back out of anxiety of getting left behind.

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I guarantee you that if Blizzard started banning (permanently) all gold buyers, GDKP runs wouldn’t exist as they currently do. You wouldn’t be carrying fresh whatever the current level cap is in raids so they can buy items for hundreds and even thousands of gold. RMK is the reason why GDKP is so profitable. It is unnatural to have thousands of gold as a fresh level 25, 40, 60, etc…and those are typically the players your GDKP carries to loot. Ever think to yourself, “How does this person have this much gold?” :stuck_out_tongue:


you’re getting vitriol because you invite vitriol

There’s no reasoning with you, so the only thing left is to mock you.


Yeah it’s not like they made the raid a massive XP bump to encourage people to continue playing it. (And made that OP world buff work up until level 39 to encourage people to continue farming it.)


Nobody is spending hundreds or thousands of gold in SoD GDKPs. If RMT vanished tomorrow, people would still run GDKPs because raiding lockout after lockout after lockout and getting nothing from it is demoralizing and just feels bad.

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Gold Buyers



Thanks for proving my point! “I don’t like you, you’re different from me, therefore you’re not a person.”

Would a gdkper not involved in RMT be happy if they decided to implement an in-game dkp loot system that mirrors exactly what GDKP does. You acquire the ingame dkp currency from playing the game, questing, mob drops, and raiding/dungeons, etc. It is a non tradeable currency unlike gold though. You can join a raid/dungeon using the in-game dkp loot system as the currency in auction bid system, similarly to gdkps, and the game disperses the loot and currency itself instead of ML. Maybe so the currency has some value outside of the raids, it can be used on some vendors to purchase BoP only items, such as raiding consumables.

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The common element I’m noticing between all gdkps advocates, aside from the refusal to entertain the concept that they’re just wrong. They clearly have no grasp of the impact their precious loot system has had on this game as a whole.


Oh, but they would in later phases. I was a carrier in some GDKP runs back in Classic, bindings easily would bid up to thousands and so would some epics.


I would be, yes, though I also haven’t done a GDKP. I do feel compelled to defend them because I know what it feels like to get burned by RNG and see nothing but hate without any thought directed at them.

This is the WoW forums in a nutshell lmao


I rest my case.


My alt (hunter) has roughly 14 gold. I don’t really play him that much I’ve always been more focused on one primary toon. I really only rolled him for herbalism to feed my rogue Swiftthistle.

I absolutely would not spend a third of my gold on that trinket. He was likely a gold buyer and he should be permabanned for it.