Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

They did, actually.


As an afterthought. In the video it was clearly about “preserving guilds.”
And again, that doesn’t pass basic scrutiny, and most likely parroting the hatewagon. If they actually cared about policing RMT, gold buyers would be getting banned. They aren’t.

I’m just pointing out that they did, in fact, say it.

“Undeniable” is a pretty strong statement. You can speculate on whether they’re just shilling for people on the forums, but it’s what they stated in an official post.


Fair enough. I’d be much more amenable to the claim if they provided any data to back it up.

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It’s the exact same phenomenon of bullying seen in bigotry. Nothing new.

Sure they did.

It’s not the content of the example but the example itself. Saying “just ban thing” is useless. That is my point. Especially when RMT is and has been continually actioned already, including from GDKP payouts.

Gold price drop over night says otherwise.

None of these are words I said or inferred. This is you projecting or at worst making things up and attributing them to me.

they do. You just don’t get to oversee each ban. You also are pretty much saying you don’t understand how account actions work despite that information being readily available.

The problem is RMT and removing GDKP as an avenue for that illicit gold has already had an effect. Blame the bad actors who brought in illicit gold to your GDKP, not the company working to stop as much RMT as they can (and sadly like most games, not doing too hot on it. Bots are not a permanently solvable issue, just one that can be remediated slowly.)


oh I see, you’re like Rosa Parks now lol


You can keep blindly defending the GDKP/P2W or listen to those with actual information. Blizz in their blue post directly linked this decision to RMT. Furthermore, within hours of the announcement illicit gold dropped over 60% in value. These are objective facts.

I will add to this that if GDKP’s are not as closely associated with RMT as most rationale people believe then that will bare out in P2. But given the declination in value of illicit gold and the absence of a large number of bots since its announcement I would say chances are swiping for pixels is a no go in SoD.


GDKPs are hands down, without doubt, the easiest way to make gold in the entire game. Does the pro GDKP crowd ever consider why that is? It’s pretty obviously fueled by RMT and bots, even if you yourself do not bot or RMT.

We’re going to have three stages of upset users over banning GDKPs

  1. Honest players that participate in GDKP losing their very easy and very unmoral gold farm - que the tiny violins

  2. Bad actors- the people actually selling the gold/botting

  3. The actual gold buyers ESPECIALLY the ones that have already been pre buying gold for phase 2 imagine spending a bunch of money to prepare and it’s now all worthless :rofl:


“Just ban thing” is clearly not useless when that’s exactly what Blizzard is doing now - banning a symptom rather than banning the RMT than can very clearly detect.

What overnight gold price drop?

In order to make the claim you did, you are in fact making those assertions implicitly. To say that RMT is a problem because of GDKPs is to state that RMT isn’t as much of a problem without GDKPs.

They don’t. They do suspensions, not bans. We had a guildy get a two week for buying gold who was promptly ejected from the guild for doing so. I should carify that my guild does not do GDKPs.

You claim that it’s already had an effect, visible only as an anecdote by those with a clear hatred for anyone who wants to see something for the time/effort put in when gear doesn’t drop. That’s it.


You’re making up fiction in your head because you can’t handle thinking critically and need an easy, intuitive answer.

Bans due to RMT should be as public and shameful as possible.

If Blizzard issued permabans to the top 10% of gold buyers I can guarantee it would make people hesitant to buy gold.

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tell me are you a 1, 2, or 3. Betting you’re a #3 that already bought gold for p2 and are furious :rofl:


This is the best take I’ve seen on this whole situation. It’s literally a small percentage of the playerbase that is the most vocal on internet forums (aka they post more than they play) that are complaining.

I would disagree that the slot machine system is terrible though, as that indicates it needs to be fixed. I don’t think it needs to be changed. People have adapted by using different loot systems, like GDKP, HR, and SR, to work within the system.


This is exactly what I’m talking about. All you have is mindless vitriol.

I’m hopeful that the upcoming token system will ameliorate the perceived need for GDKPs altogether, but, we’ll see.
I’m also eager to see what the new scapegoat will be when RMT continues unabated, just like it did before the onset of GDKPs, just like it does in other games.


It makes sense. I’d have paid 20g for it because my mage still doesn’t have it despite running once or more a week. Hell, this mage still doesn’t have most BfD gear despite running multiple lockouts a week since December.
My Paladin, on the other hand, is absolutely flush with gear after two runs.

If you’re trying to deny the connection between gdkps and RMTing and botting I’m really gonna have to question your intelligence here. It’s a undeniable fact the two are connected


This would be true if not for the fact illicit gold price has plunged, bots are scant and Blizz (the only ones with actual info) say that GDKP’s are the biggest reason for RMT. So who do we believe, all the facts or those that claim no gold is ever bought “trust me bro”?