Common misconceptions of GDKPer's

Yeah it’s not like they made the raid a massive XP bump to encourage people to continue playing it. (And made that OP world buff work up until level 39 to encourage people to continue farming it.)


Nobody is spending hundreds or thousands of gold in SoD GDKPs. If RMT vanished tomorrow, people would still run GDKPs because raiding lockout after lockout after lockout and getting nothing from it is demoralizing and just feels bad.

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Gold Buyers



Thanks for proving my point! “I don’t like you, you’re different from me, therefore you’re not a person.”

Would a gdkper not involved in RMT be happy if they decided to implement an in-game dkp loot system that mirrors exactly what GDKP does. You acquire the ingame dkp currency from playing the game, questing, mob drops, and raiding/dungeons, etc. It is a non tradeable currency unlike gold though. You can join a raid/dungeon using the in-game dkp loot system as the currency in auction bid system, similarly to gdkps, and the game disperses the loot and currency itself instead of ML. Maybe so the currency has some value outside of the raids, it can be used on some vendors to purchase BoP only items, such as raiding consumables.

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The common element I’m noticing between all gdkps advocates, aside from the refusal to entertain the concept that they’re just wrong. They clearly have no grasp of the impact their precious loot system has had on this game as a whole.


Oh, but they would in later phases. I was a carrier in some GDKP runs back in Classic, bindings easily would bid up to thousands and so would some epics.


I would be, yes, though I also haven’t done a GDKP. I do feel compelled to defend them because I know what it feels like to get burned by RNG and see nothing but hate without any thought directed at them.

This is the WoW forums in a nutshell lmao


I rest my case.


My alt (hunter) has roughly 14 gold. I don’t really play him that much I’ve always been more focused on one primary toon. I really only rolled him for herbalism to feed my rogue Swiftthistle.

I absolutely would not spend a third of my gold on that trinket. He was likely a gold buyer and he should be permabanned for it.


I’m probably the last person anyone should ask about how to make gold ingame, and even I think a 530 gold pot is kind of light, tbh. Especially if the people involved have been actively running GDKPs all season. That’s only 53 gold split evenly between all 10 players, one could make that in a single day from grinding quests at 25 on one character, if they’re dedicated enough. Then account for said quest grinding on multiple alts, and gold generated over previous GDKPs…


Exactly. (That’s why I thought it a terrible idea for the OP to use that as an example… lol)

So would it feel better in those cases if every boss dropped something like a badge of discovery* as currency or whatever?

I have no experience there, so I’ll have to take your word for it. What I don’t have any frame of reference for is the value of gold late in the life of Classic. What were AH prices like?

In dungeons, for gold, it has been. Also way to continually attribute incorrect statements to me, bad faith is the only way you can discuss something it seems

Fair, shady sites are good to avoid. Glad I have protections against that. Which means you also have zero counter to my claim.

I said they are correlated. You, again, are making things up and attributing them to me. Bad faith.

This is in no way what I said, in fact I have mentioned that other games do have these same issues and that there is no cure-all for RMT or botting. Only steps towards remediation. Again, you’re making up things I didn’t say.

You are and have been. Would help to read my posts from the mindset that I am not a mouth breathing anti-GDKP’er.

I think the choice was a step in the right direction, I do not believe there is a one step solution.

They have, and I accept the apology. It was not my intent to display vitriol, I was reacting in kind to your words.

Why I think this is not done flat out is due in part to the people who participate in GDKP who do not buy gold being done over by one or two people who tainted the payout. Those people who unknowingly receive the gold (and blizz can tell) shouldn’t catch account bans unless it’s shown to be a consistent practice.

I will also bring up that banning bots ad nauseum still wont kill botting and RMT, that’s an entire business model and economy for some areas apparently and their overhead is probably low enough to keep pumping out account after account or more commonly stealing active accounts.

Entire industry versus a detection program and, now even fewer, people to analyze that data in a timely manner. They’re outgunned if not out numbered, as are other MMO’s.

This was ruined by greed and bad actors.

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Not really the correlation you are looking for.

GDKPs don’t create gold they only pass it around.

The extra gold in the economy you are noticing is mostly from bots. How that gold gets distributed and the role GDKPs play in there is something to discuss, but kinda unrelated to the total amount of possible gold.

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Again, you’re only proving my point. If you take pride in being a bully, enjoy the existence it brings.

Crazy that all the level 70 deathknights are getting 600g pots. Is that a lot at level 70?