Command Table quest level are too high

I raise my command table level too high that my highest companion is lv40 while next campaign quest is lv48 already

All my quest level between 35 - 38 which are too high for my lower / new companion between level 13 - 22

I thought doing the campaign quest to “add more quest”, but now it turn all my quests into monster

Please help / fix


1 - I love wow, so I say this with pain.
2 - Systemlands systems are garbage. Blizzard is aware.


Just wait. Missions replenish themselves after a while.

My next campaign mission is around 36, but I still get lvl 12 missions on occasion. Just keep doing the missions you can, and grab the ones with bonus xp to level up your newer companions.


Put in one hero and 4 ardenweald trappers. You win. Everytime.
If your not ardenweald… well… be ardenweald?

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Damn My best followe is level 23 what you guys doing!

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/cries in Venthyr


I’ve found that some of the extra followers from Torghast don’t affect the level of your basic troops, but all of your storyline followers will. So be careful about finding/accepting too many new followers as all those level 1s will drop the overall level of your basic troops.

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I just want my low level quests back

Ew, no, yucky.

Wait… this toon is Night Fae… I dun goofed.

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I use Covenant Mission Success Estimates addon to help with tough missions

The reward scaling is broken as well. I currently have a level 38 silver/rare mission. I have one character at level 30, most are level 29. Meatball whom I just got this week is level 15.

That level 38 mission offers an item level 138 pants. 1-3-8. Like WTF blizz? Why is a mission 8 levels higher than my highest companion offering a reward that is an item level like 50 levels LOWER than my characters average?

Do easy as possible, throw your low level in the back.

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Pretty sure the mission rewards scale with renown more than your gear item levels. Just like the WQs, I’m sure they’re capped regardless of what level the missions are.

That makes sense for gear, but not for the anima cost and the rewards of anima/gold/caches.

Soul ash and rep are fine investments, but other than that, the current return on anima is terrible. I got about a week or two of making an anima profit off table missions, but now I’m stacked with missions that give 300 gold and caches of meat for a ridiculous amount of anima relative to how long it takes to earn that anima vs. how quickly you can earn gold any other way (just fishing).

Even if all the rewards increase with renown, it makes no sense for the mission table to be mostly a sink right now. And they’ll have to increase A LOT to balance out the time investment of anima.

The further players get into the command table missions, the more evident just how little devs iterated on this stuff before marking it “complete” and moving onto the next item on the list.


Most of my followers are level 30ish but my campaign Mission is level 46…

Can’t you fail a mission and still get xp? Think it’s time to start licking a brick wall.

That might be true if I was like renown 1. I’m renown 15. I’ve had mission table rewards that were as high as I think item level 174. usually they seem to be around 158.

It makes no sense that I would get a new mission at an even HIGHER mission level and suddenly get an item level 138 reward in it though.

Nah, at renown 15 your WQs still top out around 175 or so, and you’ll occasionally get an outlier in the 140s range. Pretty sure mission rewards follow this same template – although I’ll agree it seems far too large a range. But these rewards are never going to be a solid upgrade for you, because the real reward is the additional missions made available by succeeding.

I’m in the same boat. Around campaign level 15 I stopped getting exp missions. Now all my companions are in their mid-30s and most of my missions are elite 50+.

I can complete most of them, though some are impossible regardless of my comp, but my leveling gas slowed to a crawl.

So if you’re a night fae or necrolord you end up progressing beyond your ability to do the missions well and you lose your ability to level up your companions to rectify that issue. If you’re venthyr or Kurian you can’t do any of the missions in the first place.

So overall the mission table feels terrible for everyone and it’s a piece of the game that all players interact with so it needs some serious fixing.

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