Command Table quest level are too high

My strategy is to always assume that end-game is better. Focus on xp missions and leveling up the toons. When you get a new companion, focus on getting them xp so they don’t drag your troops average level down.

We’re early. It will sort out.

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/cries in kyrian

Yeah I don’t understand the mission table at all. I have a level 20 gold dragon Maw adventure that rewards Soul Ash. My four companions are 28, 28, 27 and 20 and they get absolutely smoked on that mission.

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Impossible. Blizzard did a bunch of testing before releasing Shadowlands to ensure everything was fair and balanced.

They even delayed the release date just to be sure.

If it’s not scaling properly, it must be you because Blizzard is a master at balancing and ensuring player fairness…

… Cough …

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That’s why I’ve been going slower. My mission levels range from 12-24 on my main and I’m currently “stuck” on the mission to advance my rewards/levels. I keep finding new followers and they start at level 1 and so I’m trying to be conservative by bringing up those lower level followers before progressing too far in the table. I know that most (I think) followers affect base troop levels, so I have to work to bring each new follower up as soon as I get them.

update : low level quest never appear again, banging my low level companions to lv40 quest just for experience, this is dumb

welcome to systemlands

I actually beat a soul ash mission with my Venthyr table.
Dug Gravewell was the frontline hero, heals himself every round. Meatball also smashed some things before going down. Nadjia was a powerhouse as well.
Theotar and that geist dude were in the back row pumping damage.

The last enemy died right at the final round, so it was super close. Everyone was in the mid-20s except Dug who was only 18.

This isnt correct. They follow the average level of your total followers.

I posted about this exact issue last night, and we are in the same boat. Sub 30 missions aren’t cycling back in, my next campaign is lvl 48, and I cannot complete ANY missions, elite or non-elite, regardless of comp.

I’ve stopped sending troops on suicide missions and hope they fix this. For the record, I’m Venthyr.

Do 40+ missions even have better rewards?

It seems like you unlock new types of missions doing the campaign, but the rewards don’t really scale up much at all, just the same missions with higher levels and harder enemies that give the same rewards.

Then it must be bugged. I got Croman the other day and his level 1 didn’t affect my basic troops.

and it wont, if your troop are roughly the same level adding a level 1 wont change anything.

By the time you have like 7 or 8 followers, a fresh level 1 joining the pool is only going to drop the troops by, like, 2 levels until you send them on any Experience mission. It kind of stops being a huge issue.

I am having the same issue I do not know how my command table is so much higher then the levels of my followers… How is my Highest lvl 29 and NPC 27 going to do these lvl 40?? Please FIX Blizz!!!

My lowest level quests have been only 25. I just quit doing any above my levels… This Command Table crap is just a waste of Anima now…

Now you tell me :weary:

I’ve been waiting until my lower level companions are the same level as my high level ones before I do the campaign missions, the ones with the silver elite dragon. Seems to be working for now. The higher ones (as well as the mission levels) were getting too far ahead, but holding off in the campaign mission seems to be working.

I saw lower level missions on my table today and was wondering what had happened.
Turns out they hotfixed it.

can confirm the hotfix they just implemented adds a couple lower level adventure table quests

like the same level as your filler peons