Come on Blizzard, buff Arms for PVP

  • Arms
  • Mortal Strike damage increased by 10%. This change does not apply to PvP.
  • Overpower damage increased by 10%. This change does not apply to PvP.
  • Execute and Condemn damage increased by 15%. This also affects Protection Warriors. This change does not apply to PvP.

Come on Blizzard, this would have been great for Arms PVP.

Though I much rather them nerf slaughterhouse and unnerf defense stance.


I thought arms was already the best spec for PVP from what I’ve heard. Honestly I’m just waiting for the new talent tree in Dragonflight cuz that will turn everything on its head. I main fury so I’d love to mix some talents from the other specs with it. Like fury prot from back in the day when we still had trees was really good, so I’m hoping for a comeback for that.

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It was for Season 1 and 2. But now for some reason they are pushing Fury to be PVP, and Arms to be…PVE?

Arms has more of a strategic feel, as most play with Kyrian Spear, while Fury is absolute mongo zug. But this season Arms is kind of weak and the spear is extremely jank, in this Rogue/Hunter/Priest meta.

You should give PVP a try, Fury is definitely up there, this is a good chance to have fun with Fury, as we know, eventually they will revert Arms/Fury back to their places. (I hope)

I played pvp way back when on my hunter during wrath, but now I am honestly intimidated by it, times have changed big time since I last took pvp seriously. I feel like I would be jumping into the deep end without knowing how to swim at this point.

Yup, this. It’s not okay for power rankings to shift from season to season. What’s #1 upon expansion release must be that way for a full 2-3 years and never change. And what’s #1 must always be whatever I play or whatever I want it to be!

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In the post kaviax points out they intended not to touch areas arms already excels at yet i cant seem to find that…really this with the heavy handed fury nerfs (again) is the nail in the coffen for us this expansion.

So dramatic. We’ll be fine.


I believe the reason why Arms didn’t receive those damage buffs in PvP is because Arms damage in PvP is relatively good.

Where Arms suffers, or I should say where Warriors suffer in general, is their ability to survive. If anything, I’d argue that this isn’t necessarily a bad thing if more classes were just as vulnerable. Of course it doesn’t help that one of our best survival tools (Impending Victory) as of right now is a talent choice that needs to be picked over taking our biggest form of cc (Storm Bolt) or more mobility (Double Time).

I would argue that if anything, more classes should be toned down bit so they don’t have the ability to potentially “one-shot” nor should they be so difficult to kill by comparison. By un-nerfing Defensive Stance, it would only promote the latter as Defensive Stance prior to the nerf, albeit previously balanced versus being a current net loss, coupled with Ignore Pain and less than 1.5 minute cooldown on Die By the Sword, had Arms Warriors less likely to be a focus target due to being hard to kill.

The reason why Fury is excelling at the moment is because they do comparable damage to that of Arms Warriors, if not more when they pop all their cooldowns, whilst also providing a consistent pseudo form of CC, a 40% healing reduction. This grants Fury more freedom to pick other talents such as Impending Victory or Double Time based upon their playstyle or match-up instead of feeling as if Storm Bolt is always the best option. Couple this with also having their “Defensive Stance” like talent (Warpaint) to have no drawbacks other than it might not having a 100% uptime if you’re not continuously attacking, to which I might add that Fury has more mobility options at their disposal when compared to Arms Warriors (the biggest being Bloodrage). And let’s not forget that Fury has more self-healing over Arms, a lot more.


arm’s damage is fine in pvp
it’s issue is it doesn’t live long enough


We sure wont be moving up on any leaderboards.

Okay my statement was def dramatic but the reason is that blizzard took a look at arms, said okay blanket pve buff, then went on to the next.

You guys where looking at arms and did not see a need for pvp changes? Is this because of our preformance in S1? Or maybe blizz knows the def stance nerf was foolish and is looking to save face.

Now that i think of it how often does blizz say “oops we are gonna revert this nerf”?

It hurts bros…

I went back arms for pve, and decided to try it for pvp. And yeah its no bueno, sticking with fury for pvp.

I dunno what this is about, Arms in PvP is absolutely fine lol. In most 3s games if I come up against an Arms warrior they are top damage by about 200-300k with most topping 2mil plus damage in a non dampening game. I think the last one I played against I had about 1.8mil damage and my ret was about 1.7mil and the Arms warrior we played against was like 2.1mil. Arms warriors don’t need to be touched even in the slightest.

I actually find Arms tougher to kill than Fury, just FYI. Your defenses are fine.

Its interesting how bad Arms damage is now in PVP and Blizzard intentionally not buffing it. You see any scoreboard for an Arms game, and they are always well below their teammates. 2/3 the damage of a Ret Pally.

Seems like the Devs want it to be a weak hitting utility spec.

Arms damage isn’t bad.