Combat Long change in terms of PvE

Looking for some help in understanding thos change. If anyone can help clarify this for me, I will greatly appreciate it.

Won’t this 50 yards limit in the combat log really screw up PvE addons? Recount will be much less useful for comparing my DPS in raids and figuring out ways to improve my character. Will DBM work if you are more than 50 yards from a boss? What about buff addons like weakauras?

Also, Blizz says warcraft log parses will be fine? But how will parses not be affected? If the combat log cannot detect data from more than 50 yards away, than parsing from a single log will be full of errors if anyone did anything more than 50 yards away from the parser, won’t it?

P.S. I made a thread earlier about this but it got hijacked by people whining about that crappy pvp addon. Please talk about that somewhere else, this is not the thread for it.


If I am to understand this as it states (without testing), then it likely affects enemy action detection.

If it affects the accuracy of parses its a big deal. Odds are this pvp change will hurt pve the most, like most pvp changes in the history of this game.


all add ons are over rated regardless. i mean half of them just turn the game back in to point and click adventure like retail.


The /combatlog built-in reporting command that generates a TXT file is unaffected by this change. This command sees well beyond 50 yards, but only produces the TXT file report once you close the game entirely (to prevent it from being live-parsed by 3rd party tools).

The API Function COMBAT_LOG_EVENT_UNFILTERED and similar COMBAT_LOG functions used by addons is affected, meaning that any addon is limited to 50 yards.

TLDR is that 3rd party log parsing programs that process the out-of-game combat log are unaffected, but in-game addons are affected (this includes all in-game DPS/heal meters and such)


good, i hate dps meters. just cause drama. great for raid, bad everywhere else.

Ironically, the smaller yard radius for combat logs is unlikely to impact 5/10-man content, but only impact raid content (where there’s more people spread out over larger distances)

i dont see the irony at all. i just want it to be less usefull over all.

Apparently gankers win again.

You were citing this change as being beneficial, as you dislike DPS meters outside of raids. I was pointing out that this change doesn’t impact meters in the situations you dislike it, but negatively impacts them in the place you do like it.

I feel that’s sufficiently ironic. No?

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I’ll have to investigate this further. I’m a programmer and I seriously doubt they are going to just keep this all in-memory for an entire session. They likely serialize it out piecemeal somewhere so that they don’t have to keep a huge chunk of data taking up memory.

If someone found that serialized file they could parse it live with a out-of-game utility and get back the Spy functionality.

no, sense if the add on is less usefull hopefully less people will have it. people that dps meters souly for 5 mans are bad players regardless. and i wont play with them regardless.

how? spy helps gankers more then anyone.

Exactly. The gankers won. They got nerfs to pve so they could have better access to their intended victims.

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i cant follow your train of thought. spy helps gankers more then the change effects pve.

Spy just *'s up the game design. Doesn’t matter how you argue it

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They don’t have to keep it in memory an entire session. Just flush to disk every minute or so and the log will be useless for pvp.

so you are saying stealth shouldn’t show up in combat logs at all. i agree.

Spy helps victims know when a rogue is in stealth in the area. That’s who the complainers always were.

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