Combat Long change in terms of PvE

I’m guessing you have very little actual experience with addons.

It will not affect you in any way that matters.

You’re still guaranteed to have as accurate a DPS meter result as ever, for your own DPS, and that’s the only one that you actually need to know live. If you’re a raid leader, you should be relying on /combatlog -based logs for performance evaluations anyway, as in-game DPS meters have never been perfectly accurate.

It would be suboptimal practice to do that, but let’s be real, it wouldn’t matter if they did.

It’s a text file. It’s going to consume a roundoff error amount of RAM to just hold the whole thing in memory, even for hours of play.

so you think rogues are the only class that ganks? lol this is funny.

sucks for those that used the actual combat log over spy :frowning:

why would you say that? you dont think things like questy turn the game back into retail?

That’s not what I was saying at all. Read, man.

Rogues were complaining that they were going to be detected while in stealth. Those were all the complaints. And just rogues, not even druids complained.

yes because the addon breaks thier class specifically. and actually it detects them when they activate stealth. spy doesn’t see you if you already stealthes.

Because addons dont make the game “point and click”. Addons aren’t capable of that, they only let you customize how information is displayed. Maybe a boss ability showed up in the combat log and it is displayed for you, maybe some items are marked on the map. You still have to play the game.

Saying addons turn the game into a “point and click adventure” is either pure hyperbole, or you don’t have actual addon experience and you are making wild assumptions.

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Massive buff for hunters, defining class ability actually useful again.

this is just semantics. mods like auctioneer and questy and spy. do turn big portions of the game in to a game were you just just point and click.

play the game, as in point your character to the clearly defined quest and click what questy is telling you.

Look, if anyone is abusing the meaning of the phrasing here it’s you. You don’t get to dismiss addons as making the game a “point and click adventure” and then pretend that was not intended to grossly exaggerate their impact on game play.

Unless it’s handled differently in Classic than Standard WoW, the log is written to disk in real time. Live logging tools from sites like warcraftlogs update/upload those data concurrently with the fight.

More likely the people making this claim are either wrong because they don’t know or making false claims in the hopes that people won’t bother fact-checking them.

I could be wrong but it was my understanding that a program Like Details links up with other players in a party/raid that also have it. Allowing for data to be shared with eachother.

Yes, many addons do this as well, making this change even less of an issue.

That’s true. I’ll have to do some investigation and see how it all works.

Oh true, I was thinking that they would serialize it out to longer-term storage so that it doesn’t get lost in the case of a crash or similar. Keeping a log in-memory for extended periods doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Half? :joy:

You’re clueless on the topic. Try not being a sheep.

You’re misunderstanding your own quote.

When the Blue says the fix does not affect “text logs the game outputs for raid parses”, they’re speaking about combatlog.txt, a file that is used for uploading raid logs.

Raid parses in this context is driven by an entirely different backend system of data communication than what mods like Recount, Details, and yes, Spy use to display information for the user.

These add-ons utilize the in-game combat log itself to map events and display metrics, whereas combatlog.txt is sourced from elsewhere (possibly event log? unclear on this).

This means that while the txt files are unaffected, anything that previously utilized in-game Combat Log to source data is now limited to 50 yards, which means unless all members of a raid are within 50 yards of one another at all times, you will have conflicting information on your personal add-ons, whether that be Recount, Details, Threat Meters, and DBM.

Does that make a bit more sense? There is 100% an affect on the PvE side due to this change, it just doesn’t affect raid parsing when specifically looking at log based analytics. Real-time metrics will be the most impacted, unless you choose to live-log everything you do and watch on a second monitor.

In terms of good practice, you’re absolutely right.

In terms of things Blizzard might have done? Remember that they were super rushed at the end of WoW as the project took longer and more money than they had…I find it very plausible that they might have taken a shortcut here.